Posted by: Hope | June 11, 2011

2011 Stanley Cup Finals: My Thoughts

Well, I’m a Red Wings fan and always have been. Of course, I was pretty highly disappointed when we lost to San Jose, and I could probably go on a pretty long spiel about that situation in of itself, but I wont.

Let’s talk about Vancouver and Boston in the actual Finals. Who the hell would have predicted these two teams at the beginning of the season to be going at it in the finals? Not I! First off, I want to congratulate both teams for have making this far, as it is quite a feat for both teams since neither of them have won in many, many years. Hell, Vancouver has been a franchise for I think 40 years now and has never won. I truly don’t care which team wins, but I’m kind of routing for Vancouver for a few reasons.

1) They destroyed San Jose, which made me smile as a Wings fan
2) They’ve never won before and
3) They are just a lot more classy than Boston is.

I don’t respect most of Boston’s players, and I really hate their Captain, Chara. What a douche!
On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind Boston winning because their goalie, Thomas, is from Davison which is not all that far from where I am located. I’d love to have him bring the cup to me.

So, I say. Let’s go boys. Get ‘R Done!

Posted by: Hope | March 1, 2011

American Idol: Jacob Lusk

I haven’t watch American Idol consistently in at least three years, but this guy caught my attention a few weeks ago. And here is a video of what I believe to be easily one of the best performances on American Idol, ever. Jacob Lusk should win this competition, he is no doubt the most talented.


My second most-favorite would be Scotty McCreery, but I don’t see him winning mostly because 1) He’s going against Jacob Lusk, and 2) He’s got more of the country style, and not many Americans are all that “country-passionate.” Either way, I’ll be highly disappointed if this gentleman, Jacob Lusk, does not win this years competition on American Idol.

Posted by: Hope | February 1, 2011

Beginning of 2011

Life has been extremely hectic, yet I still am finding time to read my blogs, keep up with my general interests, and play music. School is kicking my butt, it sucks when you have to cram so much information into a two-year program. I should have went for the 4 year BS for Veterinary Technologists. More work, more class, but also more spread out. More time to memorize things, that is by all means how my mind works.

In fact, as I write this I’m in the beginning of a lecture for today. On the other hand, aside from being so insanely busy, I have seriously discovered that I LOVE my career choice. This semester I began career-oriented courses and am loving it 100%.  The classes are relatively difficult, but I am extremely sure that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Work has also improved. I’m beginning to enjoy my job, hate the people less, and feeling more accepted in general. Overall, life is going quite well, aside from a few downers here and there.

I’ve also began working out again. It’s been about 3 weeks now, and I’m loving it! I feel great about myself, I’m losing weight, and I feel a lot more energetic.

So yep, life’s good. And I hope the same is for you guys. Just checking in since it has been a few months.

Posted by: Hope | November 28, 2010

Writing Some Music Again

I have been overloaded with business between work and school and trying to maintain a social life that I have really began to slack off on this blog. I hope to change that soon, because I highly enjoy writing and interacting with my readers. So here is the start of my writing, again.

Not only am I going to be writing in my blog more, but I also intend to get back into writing music. I recently arranged a (very simple) piece of Silent Night. I will be preparing the piece to perform merely for family members in the next couple of weeks. I wrote a piece for the guitar, and one for the trumpet. My father will be playing the guitar part and I the trumpet part. This should be a very beautiful piece, as long as my (terrible) trumpet skills keep up with me.

Other than that, I’ve only got two more weeks of school left. This upcoming week I have three papers due, and the week after I have my final exams. I am looking forward to this semester to be over, and am looking forward to starting new classes in January.

Posted by: Hope | July 28, 2010

Well, That Ended…

Well…like all of you requested, it finally happened. Jason and I broke up about a week or so ago. It wasn’t easy, on either of us, really. I’ll always love him, and I hope our friendship continues and only gets stronger over the years. I’ll miss him a lot during these months of being the awkward ex’s. It wasn’t easy for me to let go, and honestly…I’m not sure I have let go. I still love him, and I still wish things could have worked, but they simply didn’t. I suppose we’re better off this way. There’s no use being with someone if they don’t love you, or respect you enough to be in love with you. It’s sad that someone could be so insistent that he doesn’t love me. How can you be best friends with someone and not respect them? I have a hard time understanding it, but he insists that he does love me as a very, very good friend. But romantically it just wasn’t enough.

Either way, you guys got your way. Hope you’re happy…

P.S. I don’t mean to make that sound sarcastic. I honestly did appreciate all of your support, I’m merely updating you.

P.S.S. Anyone know any interesting atheists? 😉

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