Posted by: Hope | April 25, 2010

Refreshing Changes

Change of plans: I’m not going to Adrian College in the fall. I’m actually going to stay in Flint and attend Baker College for their Vet Tech program! Everyone is kind of pissed at me about it. My friends and family feel like I’m giving up a good opportunity, but I know what I’m doing, and why I’m doing it. I guess I just do not see the point in me staying at Adrian if they don’t have anything  to offer me other than cheap schooling? So, I’m going to jump straight into their Vet Tech program and get started on my future.

A lot of things have been happening since the last time I wrote here, but a lot of which I really ought not to mention here. Exams are this upcoming week, which means I’m at a total and complete lack of sleep. I CANNOT wait for school to be done. Only 3 more weeks until I go to Italy to see Jason again, I’m excited and yet semi nervous due to recent happenings. We’ll see. I’m sure we’ll have a “fantastic” time no matter what! 😉 I really look forward to seeing what the future holds for us, but until then I’ll just take things easy and try to relax a bit. Or at least try to!

I think this summer I’m going to be spending some time reading some books, especially in terms of apologetics. I’ve seemed to somehow lost my train of thought on exact facts on why I’m an Atheist, now it just feels so natural, I’ve kind of forgot all of my exact reasons. Kind of pathetic, ehh? I have a few “obvious” reasons, but nothing really sound. Nothing that I can sit and debate with a religious person, and win. Which isn’t how it should be. I feel, no matter what, that Atheist’s have a more sound belief, a more realistic view. And I need to refresh myself on some good ‘ole apologetics. Even science. Science can really give a person many reasons to feel confident in their lack of belief 🙂

P.S. Go Red Wings! (Hockey playoffs, people, it’s hockey playoffs…)



  1. may ur school yr end well ur travels be safe and ur atheism not be lazy. lazy atheists are almost as lame as lazy xians. =]

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