Posted by: Hope | April 15, 2010

End of the Semester

School is coming to an end. I’m not going to be a music education major anymore, either. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it, but I do know that I have absolutely no desire to become a teacher. I know I’m not a good enough horn player to major in performance. So…I’m going back to my original plan and going to become a veterinary technician. Technically, I shouldn’t go to Adrian College in the fall because as a Vet Tech you dont take/major in anything “specific”. You just got to a school that has a Vet Tech program. It’s a two year program, you pass a final test, and get certified. Sounds good to me, ehh?

But…I am going to go to Adrian College in the fall for absolutely no reason what-so-ever other than to keep Krista company. I encouraged her to come to my school, and now that she is all set to go, I’m going to leave her? Yeah, I feel kind of like a jerk for that. So, one more year, help out Krista, and waste some money. Sounds like a plan to me.

Jason and I are officially back together. Which is good, we have been for a few weeks now, I think. Anyways, I’m going back to visit him in Italy on May 18th, 3 days after my brothers wedding! Everything is starting to look up from here…I’m just ready to be done with this semester and go see Jason again. Only a few weeks left. 4 more weeks until I’ll be with Jason again!


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