Posted by: Hope | January 13, 2010

Spring ’10, Will I Survive?

I got back in Adrian on Sunday the 10th and I already wanna go back to Flint. I set myself up to have a really, really stressful semester. I’m taking 10 classes and it’s already kicking my ass and it’s only Tuesday. I’m going to be spending way more money than I’d like on my books this semester, but hopefully it won’t be as bad next semester since I’ll have carry-over classes (going from ear training 1, to ear training 2…theory 1, to theory 2, etc.).

I think I’m going to really struggle with most of my classes, too. None of them are going to be “an easy A” class. Well, besides concert band and jazz band, but those hardly count! My real classes like Education Psychology, Music Theory, Ear Training (I have a strong feeling this is going to be the most difficult class I’ve ever had), even public speaking might kick me in the rump. Needless to say, wish me luck guys ’cause I’m going to need it.

I’m still counting down the days until spring break. 7 weeks, 7 weeks, only 7 weeks!


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