Posted by: Hope | November 23, 2009

My Cross: How Its Meaning Has Changed

My Cross: How Its Meaning Has Changed

It was December 25, 1998; I woke up to the smell of an amazing Christmas breakfast. Like every other child in the world, I had snuck downstairs to see the presents all wrapped under the tree. When the time came to open my presents I was so excited! I received multiple toys that I now never use. There is one thing that I received, that I have not taken off since the moment I opened it.

My Uncle Jack lives in California, so, I never get to see him. He has always been good about sending presents or at least a card for my birthday and Christmas. He has also always been my favorite uncle.

I opened this tiny box titled “To: Hope…My favorite niece, From: Uncle Jack.” The minute I read that I began to grin from ear to ear. I opened it up and pulled out this beautiful, shiny necklace. What the emblem was didn’t matter; I thought it was beautiful. I looked up and said “Mom! Put it on me!” At this point my mother stood up and put the gold cross necklace around my neck.

As time progressed I eventually started going to church, still wearing that same cross three years later. At this point the cross around my neck began to mean something. It represented the beliefs I held so dear, but it also reminded me of my uncle who lived so far away.

For example, in middle school, I was on the swim team. When you have swim meets you are not allowed to wear any jewelry. I absolutely refused to take my necklace off when I swam. It caused a bit of a debate, but I won. It was my religious views and I had every right to wear it.

Now the cross around my neck does not represent my religious views, but it still means so much to me. I have not taken it off in over ten years and I do not plan on changing that anytime soon. Many people ask me why I wear it, as an Atheist. Granted, that is a good question, but there is no real reason. It may be out of habit, but it reminds me of my uncle. I wake up every morning with it on my neck. It’s the first thing I see when I look in the mirror, not my face, not my messed up hair, but this beautiful necklace.



  1. been a while. havent had internet. finally got it turned back on. joyous noel.

    i understand the sentimental value but an atheist wearing a cross is no different than a christian wearing a fsm necklace.

    u still going to church too?

  2. Nah I stopped going to church back in like March. Or so?

    I wear it for other reasons than christianity. Feel how you wish 🙂

    Good to see you back, my friend. I’ll hit you up on facebook reeeaaalll soon

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