Posted by: Hope | November 23, 2009

Fall Semester Coming To An End

I just published three or four of my papers that I’ve written in my freshman writing class. I normally take a lot of pride in my writings and enjoy sharing them you guys. I hope you read them, but would definitely understand if you did not!

Things are going well here. I was sick all last week with a bad fever/flu. Still recovering, but I feel 100x better.

As the semester comes to an end I’m beginning to become quite busy. Concert band just started up and we’re cramming for a concert on December…5th? We only have like two or three more rehearsals until the concert and we’ve only rehearsed three or four times now. We’ll see how they go!  My grades are doing well, and I’m happy to say I’m keeping up in school! I still have a B in my freshman writing class, but I’m hoping my most recent paper (My evolution paper that I shared with you guys) will burst that up to an A, if not my final exam.

I currently work for the Adrian Symphony Orchestra, here, but am glad to say that my “career” there will probably be ending shortly. I’ve picked up a job as a trumpet player in the pep band here and that pays well enough to make ends meet 🙂

My love life is good. Things are looking promising! I’m excited for this spring to see where things take us.

I’m heading home tomorrow afternoon for a much need Thanksgiving break! I’m really excited to see all of my friends and family and I have a lot of plans made!

That is what is going on here. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, but I’m a heck of a lot busier now than I ever was in high school… I know I promised a video on the new embouchure, hopefully I can get around to it over break! As…I will be practicing a lot! Considering my jury (I have to perform in front of the music professors here and they basically tell me if I’m fit for music or not, and give me my final grade for my lessons) is coming up on December 8th, I really have to get cracking on a few things!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, guys!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Hope!

  2. Happy happy! Enjoy the break!!!

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