Posted by: Hope | November 11, 2009


If I died, would you care?

Would you ever even know?

That’s all I ask.



  1. Would I care? Certainly!

    Would I know? That’s a harder question to answer. Certainly if I stopped seeing you online, I’d start to wonder. I might have to look around for a bit, but I could probably figure it out before too long.

  2. I’d care, also.

    (you don’t owe me any money…do you?)

    We’ll all die, that’s for sure. But we will all live, also. Plenty of pain ahead…but plenty of good times, too.

    Life ain’t easy. It’s a battle. But well worth the effort.

  3. Hope,
    I was just getting a chance to read your blog for the first time in a month and wanted to add my two bits. I would most certainly care, because I have gotten to know you through this wonderful world of online connectivity. I would miss your contributions here and on FB and the opportunity to talk to you from time to time.
    I am convinced that the one thing few of us understand is the impact we make on the lives of others without knowing about it every day.

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