Posted by: Hope | October 28, 2009

My Life, My Death

This is a poem, story(?) written by a good friend of mine, Luke Savage. I fell in love with it when I first read and, and love it even more every time I read it. I want you guys to enjoy it too.

My Life, My Death

More than a motto:
Carpe Diem encompasses the entirety
of my worldview, my life, my decisions,
and may someday influence my
beautiful death

I don’t want to die gasping for breath
in the mall parking lot
I don’t want to leave in a pool of elderly
suffering either. Let me seize my final day
and then die with a mischievous smile

Let it be James Dean style.
I want to be older than that, but no less
adventurous and free
If my body grows old, does that mean
that I have to be?

Despite my belief that we can manifest
reality through our thoughts, I care not
to participate.
I’d rather sit back and see what life throws
in my direction, enjoying the journey

Without concern for the destination, I
travel onward. Hating hatred, enjoying enjoyment, and
loving everyone.

Emotions are beautiful things,
and I don’t mind being addicted to some
In death, it will be said:
he did what was natural
as long as it felt loving

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to adventure
I was the groom of my wife named mystery
I was a lover to a mistress named passion,
and I worked the corner bartering my narrative
in exchange for yours.

I don’t need to be a celebrity
and I certainly don’t need to be rich,
but I will be important to those who surround me
I will comfort, phileo, eros, protect, experience, give,
and embrace, all in community

I will do more than visit this world
I will die
and leave a

By: Luke Savage


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