Posted by: Hope | July 18, 2009

Some very sad news.

Just giving another update with everything that is going on.

My brother Mark and his wife (Julie) went camping up in Traverse City, MI. They were riding a four wheeler, my brother was driving. The brakes on the 4 wheeler failed and it wound up flipping. They hit a few small trees. Julie didn’t make it, and my brother broke his leg and has a gash on his head. They have two sons. I dont really know what to say or ask, but please keep us in your thoughts (and prayers). This is going to be a really rough time on us all.

I am moving for college in two weeks, and with the recent death I dont even want to go. I have to.

I put my two week resignation in from work a few days ago, it’s sad.

That’s all that is going on.

Edit: Mark also fractured his C2 vertebrae. So if you dont know where that’s located, it’s right up by the neck. If it had been any worse he would have died or been paralyzed. We are very lucky.



  1. Hope,

    I am so sorry for everyone in the loss of your sister-in-law Julie. 😦 I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. What a horrible tragedy for your family. I can’t tell you how sorry I am for all of you.

    I will pray for you and the rest of the family.

  3. Hang in there and be there for your family…you super smart, and strong in spirit. Take care of yourself…praying for you and yours….

  4. Hope,
    I went back through facebook to catch up on the news. I am so sorry I didn’t catch it earlier. My family is praying for you and your family.

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