Posted by: Hope | June 25, 2009

Movies and Dating…Bout it

I’m being really lazy on this blog. Mostly because I dont have anything of any significance to speak on.

The two guys I mentioned before? Yeah, I wont be dating either of them. I’m learned a lot about Timmy, and we’re like fire and ice–it’d never work. And Eric started dating some other chick. Soo…that wont be happening any time soon.

But on the bright side, I did meet this pretty awesome guy, Jorge. We’re talking. So far, so good.

I’m just loving life, and living life. I’ve been going fishing with my brother a lot lately and my shoulders are paying the price (burnt to crisp), but it really has been a good time.

I went and saw Transformers 2, it’s my new favorite movie. I work at the movie theater so I see almost all of the new releases. This was the most amazing movie I’ve seen in a long time. The director did a good job in mixing together all sorts of genres so that it could please everyone. It had lots of action, romance, drama, and even comedy. Fantastic movie.

My old favorite movie (now in 2nd place) has always been Tommy Boy with Chris Farley. I went and actually bought that movie at FYE in the mall for $5. I was satisfied with my purchase. That movie is just one of those movies I know line for line, and what is coming up next. Gosh I love that movie…


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