Posted by: Hope | May 26, 2009

I’m Finally Done

Well, I’m officially done with high school. My last day was last Friday and it was the weirdest day/feeling ever. I wish I felt something more profound, but it really wasn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. It felt like just another day because nothing really changed. I’d done the same stuff I always do. I only technically had to take two exams….math and physics. My medicine and english class were both just presentations about reflections of me and where I’m going and what not. My band exams were just essays with reflections on the band and my favorite memories. Nothing complicated.

But now that I’m looking  forward I’m really excited for what is to come. I start college in the fall. I’m really excited for band camp, I still get to be in marching band…how awesome! Argh….this is such an amazing feeling.

My trumpet was a school owned instrument, they rented it for me for my senior year. I fell in love with that damned instrument man. I had to give it back on Friday, and I cried. Is that sad? I cried over a trumpet? I dunno, I was just so attached. And now I dont even have an instrument to play on! I have a trumpet, but the spit valve is broke, sooo…Anyways, I’m planning on using my open house money to buy a new trumpet (I’m really hoping to get a decent amount of money). I need one by the fall or I’m screwed.

My best friend has me in a fairly annoyed state right now. She is going to Chicago, at some point soon-ish and apparently I’m not allowed to come because the group she’s going with wants to keep it as the same people that went last time. Does that make any sense to you at all? They don’t want to make any changes because they’re stubborn or selfish or something and so I’m not allowed to go? Gah, people bug me.

I’m probably going to wind up going to Cedar Point at least two times, if not three this summer. I like that idea, but I’m not sure I can afford to do that. That gets expensive really fast. I want to make a road trip sometime this summer too, but with the gas prices rising I’m not sure how possible that’ll be.

That’s about all that is going on right now though. I walk June 4th and my open house in June 21st. Woohoo?



  1. Congratulations, Hope!

    Have a great Summer!

  2. Congratulations for making it through! And the whole instrument thing I totally understand. Instruments become a part of us because they are a part of our expression of our selves.

    How much does a trumpet cost anyway?

    And as for the friend . . . often they are God’s tools to teach us love and acceptance – a lot like family ; )


  3. Trumpets vary in price, just like anything. I’m looking at one for around $1,500

  4. My Son’s trumpet hit us up for around 900 bucks, which compared to 1500 is decent eh?

    Bless you on your transition and continued walk through life.

    Hey, hit up Greenfield Village during the summer, maybe we could meet up. Would be a nice road trip for ya anywho!

    • I think 900 is what my first trumpet cost. I technically have one, but I don’t like it and the spit valve is broken and I am too lazy to send it in. But…it might be my only option for me to practice on in the mean time of me getting a new one.

      That’s like by Dearborn, right? That’s not too bad, I might have to come visit!

  5. congrats sistah!

  6. Ask for a govt. trumpet bailout.

    If they can throw thousands of billions down the toilet, surely they can spare $1500 for a new horn for someone that is doing something constructive!

    I’ll write B.O. for you.

  7. haha. I’d appreciate that, but it’s not going to happen. The government is trying to get music out of the schools…let alone buy someone a horn. That’s preposterous.

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