Posted by: Hope | May 16, 2009

My Own “Poetry”

I thought I would share with you some of the poems from my portfolio. I’ll share more stuff later.

Auto-bio poem


A leader, a musician, a theologian, and a nerd

Lover of the trumpet, religion, and comedy

Who needs to play music, be loved, and time to myself

Who gives time to listen to troubles, time to help out the band, and compassion to all I come across

Who fears failure, spiders, and rejection

Who would like to join a drum core, have my own marching band, and visit Europe

Who will someday have a Bachelor’s in music education, learn how to scuba dive, and have a family


Someone who…

Pastor Tim was someone who…

Loved the Philippines

Even said he was a “Filipino” by choice

He would call you out and not think a thing of it

Never was he afraid to say how he felt

And in all moments of the day was willing to fall on his face and pray


Taught me how to love and live

How to pray and study

Gave me a passion for the lost and understanding for the hurting

He influenced all he came across

He refused to settle for less than what God wanted

And desired for young people to just “get it” just as he did

He loved basketball, family, friends, and most importantly God


I can hear Dr. Beat over the sound of my own horn

I can see the sunrise over the drum majors head as he changes meters

I can smell the morning dew from the grass beneath my feet

I can feel the pulse running through my body as the sweat drips from my forehead

I can taste victory with every step I take and every movement I make

This place moves me like nothing ever before

The intensity, the work ethic, the adrenaline and passion moves through my entire body

It’s one band, one sound, nothing less

Meticulous perfection

It’s all or nothing, leave nothing behind

Never forget the reflection of the stadium lights as the crowds roared

“Parade Rest!”

The score was announced at which the feeling of euphoria swept across our faces as success was finally ours

This place is known as a football field, but to me is known as home



  1. 🙂

  2. I like these. The one about PT imparticular. You should send it to Jeanne. She is on facebook.

  3. Thanks for sharing . . . quite good!


  4. Leesha, I did. She appreciated it.

    Rachel, thanks!

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