Posted by: Hope | April 26, 2009

I am so Boycotting Sonic

Sooo….Today sucks, already. Actually the last two days have sucked it up pretty hardcore.

Yesterday my car “broke down” at sonic. Not really, the battery just died because Desi and I decided to talk for quite sometime. Anyways, her dad came up and tried to jump my car for whatever reason, we couldn’t get the ground (the black wire’d one…) to catch so it wouldn’t jump. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to sit there and dick around trying to figure out what was wrong. So I talked to a manager and asked if it’d be cool if I left the car there until I could come back and get it. He was totally cool about it and said it would be perfectly fine. Little did I know the freaking place would screw me over.

So we book it over to the high school so we can play in the pit for the musical and what not. I get there and I’m irritable as hell! I started yellin at people and stuff, felt like an ass afterward, seriously. So I come back home and my dad doesn’t get out of work until 11 so that was a no-go on trying to fix the car that night. So we go up first thing this morning to head over there and get my car. But when I get there my damn car isn’t there. Instantly pissed.

We talked to the manager and they towed my car because the manager from the night before didn’t leave a note or anything about the vehicle. Sooo…I’m pissed, my dad’s pissed…and I’m sure the dumb idiot that towed my car was on the verge of being pissed too.

So we call the place up and the guy we’re talking to doesn’t know squat. Why he’s answering the phone I dont even know. He couldnt tell us a price, he couldnt tell us if we could come get the car or anything. So he calls his manager and calls us back about ten minutes later. Apparently, they’re not supposed to give cars back on Sundays (why? I dont know. Maybe it has to do with religion…yes..that was a joke, now laugh!)..anyways the damned thing wound up costing $127 to cover the towing charge.

I am beyond belief pissed. I’m gonna try and figure out if sonic will cover the charge since they’re complete morons and towed my car.

I am so boycotting Sonic.



  1. that sucks but where will you get good tater tots?

  2. I’ve never even had their tator tots. Only onion rings and shakes. Not missing out on too much.

  3. I used to just get frustrated at life – especially at the inconveniences like you had. But I have learned in the past couple of years to seek the lesson in everything. Nothing comes into our lives unless God allows it and I believe for His kids – that everything has a purpose and a reason. Life throws us “situations” but if we will step back and seek the lesson – there is usually one God is trying to teach us. When you reframe the situation from this point of view it changes everything. Try it next time and see what happens.


  4. Why don’t you boycott morons? You are showing displaced aggression. You should drive the type of cars I do. $127? for that? Keep it!

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