Posted by: Hope | April 10, 2009

This World Sickens Me

I am so sick to my stomach right now. Not just because I’m physically ill, but because I cannot believe what this world is coming to. It’s not just in America either…it’s the entire world. We’re falling apart before my own eyes and I don’t know what to do or think anymore. It amazes me…this entire past couple of weeks all I’ve heard about is death, killing, shootings, ransom, pirates, terrorists and it’s not going away. I’m becoming immune to the sickness of this world.

I hear about shootings and then I forget about them the next day, why? Because the new buzz is all about the shooting of that day. But why do these people go to kill? Why kill? I don’t understand why it seems the “answer” for all of these morons out there that want justice. I wish I knew the motives and thoughts that go through these peoples minds as they pull the trigger. It completely baffles me and I will not allow myself to become immune to this evil.

There was shooting today, on Good Friday (FOR CRYING OUT LOUD) at a community college about an hour away from me down in Dearborn, Michigan. Two people, a man and woman, were shot and killed. ( Here’s the link )

And what about these pirates that captured a US Captain (Richard Phillips) and held him hostage for ransom. Have you heard about him? Does it not baffle you? He tried to escape, ya know? But the pirates jumped back in the water and recaptured him. Can you imagine being in that situation? Put yourself in the shoes of his loved ones: wife, children, parents, brother or sister. How would you feel? ( Here’s a link )

Oh and here’s another wonderful story about an Iraq suicide bombing. Guess what happened? The son of a bitch killed five of our U.S. soldiers. I sure hope he enjoys his virgins blessed to him by his almighty god. How sickening… (Here’s the link)

This poor lady claims that the cruelty of fellow classmates of her son led him to suicide. This poor kid apparently “acted” gay according to the quotes in the article.  Is being gay really that bad? As a person that is still in high school, I am quite aware of the evil and uncaring assholes that are in schools. They all need to grow the hell, get a parental smack in the face and stopped. (Here’s a link)

All of those are from the FRONT PAGE of the CNN website. It’s all recent news and there will be more tomorrow and the day after. This sickens me. This world needs a change…a very very large change.



  1. the world needs a savior eh?

  2. This world is going down.

    If we could know of all the shootings and killings, the injustice, the kids that die of cancer, the families killed by drunk drivers, the poor and the starving, etc, etc…we would not be able to mentally handle it all.

    The pain and suffering in this world is great.

    But the Savior is greater still.

    His Truth shall have the last Word.

  3. The world DOES need a savior. And I would like to be that savior. We need to begin by gathering the best minds of all the major fields: Science, Engineering, Astronomy, Agriculture, Physics, Oceanography, etc. Once assembled, we must locate the perfect geographical location to begin settlement. The first task: Devise a self-sustaining environment based on the number of people involved and account for expansion. This would include, housing, food, water, etc. all the essentials for survival. Once the needs are fulfilled, it would grow from there.

    • you must be pissed

  4. Well James, I see someone has played BioShock over here. the ironic thing is i am listening to the soundtrack as i write this and had no idea what this article would turn into.

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