Posted by: Hope | April 9, 2009

Hard Work Pays Off

Today I drove two hours south to Adrian, Michigan to visit Adrian College. I spent the day with Dr. Marty Marks and he showed me around the campus. I also had my audition, which I got really stressed about last night because of my dad, but Dr. Marks wound up making it much less stressful and I wound up doing fairly decent. The Lord sure had my back on this one! When I was preparing I was thinking how bad I sounded and that there was no way I could prepare a piece in two days…but I did it!

I got offered a $9,000 scholarship for the trumpet and $7,000 per year (totaling to $35 over the 5 years of school). This makes me so excited! If I can get FAFSA all figured out I will most definitely be attending Adrian College in the fall.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and wishes! I really appreciate all of you guys.

P.S. Not only am I going into music, but I don’t have to quit marching band because Adrian has a marching band. I’m so excited!



  1. thats fantastic hope!

  2. You go Girl!

    (I don’t know quite what that means but I heard it on a talk show somewheres)

    Great job, Hope!!!

    Hard work (and keeping your nose clean as much as possible) pays off!

    Big time!!


  3. Freaking so cool! You rawk! Keep it positive and keep on trucking girl.

  4. Great job, Hope!!

    Keep working hard (have a little fun too)!!!

    Congrats to you!!!

  5. Thanks for all of the encouragement guys. I am truly happy.

  6. Good Job Love. =]]

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