Posted by: Hope | April 7, 2009

Digging Through Old Memories

I have been picking up the guitar a tad bit lately and it has been a constant reminder of how talented I could be if I had stuck with it over the past couple of years. I used to play every day, it was a must. I even enjoyed playing the guitar more than the trumpet…but over the past couple of years I’ve been focusing more on my trumpet and basically abandoned the guitar.

Well, when I used to play I wrote a song. Not just one song, but a lot of songs. I used to love writing lyrics. And I only put music to a few of them. This song is one song that I cherish the most today and it still holds a lot of meaning to me. I dug through my old stuff and found the lyrics again. I figured I’d share them with you guys.

Stuck in a routine of inconsistencies
Seems like thats always apart of me
Wanting so hard to find the truth
All the while breaking loose

No matter how much I try
I keep finding myself
Letting go of you (repeat)

Confusion of what is right
Seems to keep bindin me so tight
Lost in the unknown world
Of an unknown dream
It all seems to natural to me

Chorus– (repeat)

Attempt to convince myself its all lies
I’ve tried it so many times
The truth seems too unknown to me
I just pray that it will be shown in light of everything

Chorus again, twice….



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  2. You are also a poet? how blessed with talent you are. Ain’t it go to know He holds on when we let go? By the way, do you know what to call unconfused youth? Dull.

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