Posted by: Hope | April 6, 2009

Spring Sadness

I have been in a fairly depressed state lately. Mostly just extremely stressed and have more going on at one point than I can handle. I’ll pull through, but it’s tough. I’ve been having increasing amounts of anxiety attacks, and I’m finding myself quite paranoid about my career of choice as I attempt to change my embouchure and sound like I am in the 5th grade again, relearning my instrument. If you went from a specific level of talent to sucking it up again, you wouldn’t be happy either.

Well, I woke up today to snow. How depressing. It’s been snowing for about eight hours and we’ve got another ten hours to go before it’s allegedly supposed to stop. Here’s a photo of my personal horror as I look out the window this morning.





  1. i guess its all a matter of perspective. living in the mountainous desert of west texas i would love to see the landscape blanketed in snow. but it rarely snows here and when it does it only lasts for a little while before it melts away.

  2. Could be worse, you could live by Jeofurry! Hang in there, spring is a commin’!

  3. Depression and anxiety are the badges of our civilization. Spring will help. Get outside take a walk with God. He has a plan for you.

  4. This too shall pass!

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