Posted by: Hope | April 4, 2009


I was scheduled to work a ten and a half hour shift at work today…needless to say, I was NOT excited at all. I dreaded the thought of busting tail and being exhausted when I finally got home.

Well the day went a lot better than planned! The power went out at work, and down the entire street that my work is on (a huge area of business for my city)…I figured that my managers would send me home on the day that I get the majority of my hours for the week, but they didn’t! I got paid to sit on my bum, take a nap, run to taco bell, and play football. Yep, that’s right! I’m a “professional” football player now, I got paid to play catch. How awesome is that? I completely adore the people I work with so it was really nice to sit and get to know everyone even more. Quite the night.

This long lasting time of doing nothing lasted eight hours and then finally the power turned back on right around eight o’clock exactly. So I actually wound up working approximately two and a half hours. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.



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