Posted by: Hope | April 3, 2009

Research Paper Topic

I have decided the topic for my research project, you may or may not like it, but it intrigues me.

I am going to write on revenge, and being a vigilante. You know…whether or not it’s okay to play “god”. I’m excited.

Are you?

(Book? A Time To Kill)



  1. As a research paper veteran(I have another one due in a few weeks), you have my thoughts and prayers. Sounds like a good topic that you can take an interesting approach to research.

  2. Of all the books to do a paper on, a time to kill?
    right up there with the greats I guess.
    18 pages on vigilante justice, hmmm , a little old west research? lynch mobs of the south? could be interesting. email me a draft.

  3. I hope to see it posted on here too, when finished, sounds like a exciting topic

  4. Don’t know if this will amount to any more than light entertainment on the issue, but you might find the movie ‘V for Vendetta’ good viewing here – it might at least inspire a thought or two.

  5. is it ok if god plays god?

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