Posted by: Hope | April 1, 2009

Research Papers Kill Me

I have to do a research paper on the topic of “choice”. It has to be 18 stupid pages long and MLA format and it’s due in twenty days. I am reading “A Time to Kill” by John Grisham which is a required work for the assignment.

I want to write about something dealing with religion (obviously, since…I love the subject), but I cannot think of anything in specific for me to “research”. Any ideas? Dealing with choice? Anything you would like me to research?

Thanks for your thoughts. I need them. I can’t think of any on my own.



  1. the issue of choice with regard to predestination and freewill is a long standing controversy in the church. not sure if it is in a time to kill or not tho…

  2. You could pursue an interesting bit of history related to one religion or another (presumably Christianity would be easiest, but it might be interesting to examine some other religion).

  3. You could write about the impact of the choices we make.

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