Posted by: Hope | March 22, 2009

Am I Saved?

Am I saved by the grace of God? I think that is a fantastic question that I cannot answer. Only God can. If I was anybody else that has done the things that I have (repented, prayed, etc. etc) I would say “yes, the Lord has forgiven you of your sins”…it would seem pretty obvious to me…

Why am I thinking this way? Well, one…I have not experienced God’s power yet. I’ve felt peace  and change into my life, whether or not it’s actually God…I have no idea. I say it is, because it seems pretty coincidental, but I have no real true proof for that.

But the Bible says something about being a believer and then falling away and how that is unforgivable. Or something along those lines. Like “it is better to have not believed than to have believed and then fall away” (The quotations do not make it a direct quote…) I cant remember exactly where it’s at, but if you want I can look for it…Just ask.

So my question is…am I saved? I believed, I fell away…am I forgiven?



  1. I say follow your feeling and forget what the Bible says. The Bible is nonsense, and whether there is a God or not, we will never be “punished” for using our natural intellect.

  2. My question is why even ask for forgiveness? And I mean that from your standing point. If God, correct in all his infinite wisdom, decides that you deserve hell, who are you to beg him otherwise? Isn’t God righteous and just, and you a self-serving sinner? Just a thought…

  3. peter denied knowing christ 3 times. was he forgiven?

    ps – its in hebrews 6

  4. “So my question is…am I saved? I believed, I fell away…am I forgiven?”

    Yes. You are saved and forgiven.

    He made that promise to you on the cross and in your baptism.

    Don’t worry about your feelings. They come and they go, and they are hot and cold, anyway…and you can’t trust them.

    What you can trust are God’s promises to you. They are always good. You might wander away from time to time…we all do. But He will keep going after you and bringing you back with His Word of promise.

    Stay in front of that Word to help keep your faith vibrant. And that you continue to hear that Word. You won’t get it anywhere else, except in the company of fellow believers and the mouths of preachers and teachers. You can and should read the Bible, too. But going to church and being a part of that body is something you should always try to do.

  5. Hope, I think that the question of falling away is pointing at a person that turns from God after “seeing the light” and does not repent and return to God.

    Peter turned from God when he denied Christ three times yet we read in the Bible that he repented and went on to serve God well. King David likewise turned from God when he followed his lustful desires for Bathsheba; he too repented, acknowledged his sin and was forgiven.

    If we were to be irrevocably doomed so to speak, for turning away from God, then technically anytime we sinned would pretty much condemn us. God tells us though in His Word that we are forgiven if we confess our sin(s) to Him.

    1 John 1:9

    If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

    I hope that this short response sheds some light for you.

    Grace and peace be with you.

  6. That did help Chris, thanks.

    You guys are great 🙂 I feel a lot better about myself now. Thanks.

  7. Well, Hope, let me just say that this is one reason that I’m very, very glad I am no longer a Christian. Because back when I was a Christian, I would periodically enter phases where I felt this way. Paradoxically, I felt this way more frequently when I was more into Christianity than when I wasn’t.

    I am very happy to be done with the self-doubt associated with the “Am I saved?” question once and for all.

  8. Jason, that is a lot like saying, “I am dieing of cancer , I just do not think about it anymore and that is great. ”
    We are all to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.
    Worrying about it on occasion is a really good sign, you care.
    Because you care, you pray, and whosoever calls out to Jesus will be accepted, and never ever will they fall from His hands. keep praying and asking until you have a peace that passes understanding.
    Secure in the knowledge that He will not reject any who call out in His name. It can be a bit of a process to go through, but it is a beautiful process.
    Do not give up as Jason did. God will give you a victory. You and He may need to iron a few things out. talk to Him. Be quiet with Him, be patient. He has never failed yet.

  9. Hi Hope.

    here is is. It is by faith and not feelings that we take hold of the Grace of God. Through Christ only you are saved. Keep making Jesus the central theme of your life because he died on the Cross for you and was very glad to die for you.

    John 3:16 (New International Version)

    16″For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  10. so whats the scoop? You hangin’ in the hood doing dirt with the Crips?

  11. The assuredness of salvation is a beautiful thing. go for it!

  12. Are you asking me what the scoop is Will? If so, I honestly don’t know the answer. I am not nearly as focused and dedicated as I should be. I just don’t know. When I read the Bible and see the faith and proclamation it takes for Christ to forgive you…I just do not see that in me.

  13. Hope, the good news is not up to you whatsoever. Romans says we all fall short. Scripture tells us instead of “doing” in Christ we have to “be” in Christ.

    Martin Luther of the 1500;s Martin Luther lived a life of a Monk trying hard to be good enough for God. He basically was denying himself in every way he knew how but always “felt” like he fell short of Gods Glory.

    Then he read Romans 1:16-17 and had his mountain top experience. Romans 1:16-17 tells us about a righteoussness that only comes by faith in Christ and not a Righteoussness you earn. He realized all righteoussness is given by God through what Christ did for us and not by what he could do for anyone else or do for God.

    His futile effort of trying to be good enough for God, became pure Joy, and he started to grasp how deep and high and wide long the love of Christ is (Ephesians).

    It is by a focus on the Cross and Jesus that we learn about this love for us. Scripture tells us that Jesus is the author and perfector of our faith.

    Its not how great our love is for him because we will always fall short .. its about His love is for us. IF we focus on us its like putting the cart before the horse.

    Its about Jesus!

  14. You might find it useful to dip into C S Lewis’ book, ‘Surprised by Joy’. He notes just how rare really profound moments (encountering true joy, for example) really are, no matter how hard, on occasion, we pursue them.

    My own spiritual experience has been replete in moments which I could define as ‘dry’ (experientially), but there is, as Lewis notes, a deep surety which troubles us, whatever the feelings may say (His work, ‘A Grief Observed’, written after his loss of Joy Gresham, is bitingly honest and refreshing on this).

    We can certainly view many things as futile, including ‘our’ faith, but thankfully, it is His faith which justifies, His mercy which suffices, and His life that will raise us.
    The burden, then, is to look beyond our failing, which will always be so, to something deeper.

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