Posted by: Hope | March 17, 2009

Harry Potter Hedwig’s Theme Song-Trumpet

I was bored. I found the sheet music after having watched some guy on YouTubeplay it. It inspired me to make my own video of me playing the “harry potter” song…So I did. It sounds REALLY crap…I’d been playing for two hours already, so I was tired. Don’t hate!



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  2. Not a big “Potter” fan, but I thought you did a GREAT job.

    Always loved the trumpet. Loved your tone.


  3. Nic job, Hope!

    Keeo up the good work!

  4. Hey Hope,
    I thought you did fairly good, especially after two hours of playing. We actually played a piece with selected themes from Harry Potter a couple of years ago when I was in the Black Hills Symphony, so this brought back a memory or two. I couldn’t remember what the theme sounded like until I heard this.

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