Posted by: Hope | March 11, 2009

Not Sure HOW to Quit..

I’ve been smoking for about 6 months now. Last night was supposed to be my last cigerette but I went and bought a black and mild (cause I’m poor) to smoke tonight. Quitting is the hardest thing ever. I’ve lost two friends already from saying that I was going to quit, and frustrating…

Any tips?



  1. Nicotine is pretty addictive stuff. My dad smoked for over 50 years before he quit. He just celebrated his ninth year without smoking, which I remember well, because he quit for good on my oldest son’s first birthday. I know he tried to quit a lot of times and didn’t succeed at all. There are products these days that are made to help. I think my dad used those patches to step down from the nicotine.

  2. Hope –

    I smoked for 6 years in and after college and you are right – it is difficult to quit. First, you’ve got to really want to do it. Next, you’ve got to make it a priority. Finally, you have to ask for help. It is possible. I’m happy to say I’ve been smoke-free for over 20 years.

  3. My Mom used the nicotine patch. Worked great. Hasn’t smoked since. The gum might also help.

    Of course, these things cost a bit, but then, so do cigarettes, so you’re unlikely to actually spend more.

    But no matter what, in order to quit, you have to really want to quit. It’s going to be particularly difficult if you routinely hang out around people who smoke. If you can manage to stay away from people while they are smoking, it should be much easier. If you have any friends who presently smoke around you, then it may help to explain this to them and state that it’s okay with you if they smoke, just that you can’t hang out with them while they’re doing it while you’re trying to quit yourself.

  4. Thanks. I appreciate all of your helpful thoughts.

    I bought a pack last night, it made me nauseous for whatever reason. So I gave the pack to my brother. HOPEFULLY today was my last time smoking.

  5. five days in the hospital with pancreatitis and no smokes ended my battle. after that nightmare i just didnt pick it back up. maybe it will take something traumatic but i hope not.

    ive got 2 years now and i cant express how much better i feel. breathing deep without coughing and not getting winded on a flight of stairs is such a good thing.

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