Posted by: Hope | March 9, 2009

MMA Fight..My brother?

My brother Mark loves MMA (mixed martial arts). He actually has fought in the octagon twice himself. This is a video of his second fight in February. I wasn’t able to attend because it was the same day I went to honors band at Hope College…(and I wasn’t 18 yet and it was at some type of bar..).

Marks Big Fight

He is quite proud of himself. He’s considering maybe going pro…(I don’t think he’s ready, at all). But hey, it’s a nifty thought, ehh? His wife of course hates that he puts himself through it…but his son Alex (he also has a son named Aidan, if you’re curious) absolutely loves it. Of course, he doesn’t watch the fights, but Mark teaches his little submissions and what not. It’s awesome. Now my other brother, Kyle is wanting to fight and beginning to train. That ought to be interesting.

P.S I’m sorry I couldn’t link the video here. I couldn’t figure it out. Myspace sucks.



  1. I love that stuff!

    Maybe I’ll see your Brother on T.V. one day!

    Tell your Brother that Rampage Jackson lives right across the street from a friend of mine in church.

  2. i spent a lot of time in the ring. some say i have dain bramage.

  3. I used to be a boxer.

    I boxed oranges out here in Calif. until they moved the operation to Fl.

    Now I am taking an online course to be a brain surgeon.

    When I get my diploma, I’ll fix you right up, Willohroots.

  4. i trained in jujitsu for a few years. got really good at using leverage. fun stuff as long as i was the one with the upper hand.

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