Posted by: Hope | March 2, 2009

Amazing Grace Vibrato Practice

I took the liberty to attempt to try a little harder on learning vibrato. I’ve tried doing the moving jaw technique and moving your hand. I can do both but for now it is more effective when I move my hand. Here is a video of me playing Amazing Grace (I mess up a few times, but didn’t want to do another take of it…was too lazy). This is me using my newly learned vibrato by moving my hand (seriously! today was my first time trying!). Let me know what you think.



  1. I hear the vibrato! That song on a trumpet brings some memories, on a bagpipe I just cry. I didn’t see your hand moving, could be the frame speed, but I heard it!

  2. I’m not excessively moving it. I’m actually mostly moving the trumpet in of itself to and from my face really face.

    Listening to this video makes me cry lol. It so terrible.

    Next on my list to work on? AIR SUPPORT!

  3. I only know how to use the jaw for vibrato. I guess that is because moving a bigger instrument around with your hand isn’t as effective maybe.
    I can hear the vibrato, but I can also see the instrument moving as well. It almost looks like a nervous movement (of course a case of nerves can produce some fabulous accidental vibrato too). I liked the slur up at the end of the first half of the song, intentional or not it sounded really good.
    So I have to ask about the air support thing. Does your trumpet teacher make you try and fill a bread bag on a single breath? My trombone/euphonium teacher used to do that and it was a killer at times. But it is good for developing air support.

  4. I try to slur like all of that song…doesnt sound right tonguing most of it.

    I know I need to work on the movement of jaw thing…I can do it, its just not as “obvious”…working on it still. I’ll post another video in a few months when I start to get it down more.

    Umm, no I’ve never done the blow in the bag thing, but I’ve heard of it. I’ll try it though….Now to go to the store.

  5. That’s great!

    I thought you were terrific…and only one take!

    Good job, Hope!!

  6. Preachers can fill a garbage bag with one breath, but hold tight, hot air rises.

  7. Thank you for showing this video to the public. I guess you played with a damper, but it sounds so clear. Where may i get the notes? Because I`d like to try playing this tune also.

  8. needs ketchup.

  9. Lese. I had a mute in, yes. It was because my parents were home and they hate when I practice. So I put a mute in to dampen the noise a bit.

    I’ll type it up tomorrow. I cant think of it off the top of my head. It’s almost all first finger and for a Bb trumpet you start on your F. So F-Bb…D?-Bb?..yeah..?I’ll type it up tomorrow. I just do it by ear..

    Grace, what is that supposed to mean?

  10. ketchup is sauce. it needs a little sauce.

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