Posted by: Hope | February 16, 2009

Honors Band Hope College

Argh. I’m still exhausted. Worked all day, but I promised some info on this past weekend.

I went to honors band, as said before at Hope College. It was a two hour drive there (I hate driving) and I wasn’t really looking forward to it at all. I went to a different honors band based through MSBOA (google it if your curious, I’m not going to explain it) and I really didn’t like it very much. It was lame, we didn’t have auditions for chairs and the music sucked. It was very unorganized and not really enjoyed on my part. Probably because I got shoved onto last chair without them even hearing what I sound like (trumpet players are really competitive, so yeah..I was pissed).

So what did I like about Hope’s honors band? (Besides we share names?) Well, it was ogranized…for one. We had auditions for chairs which was very well respected from me. I didn’t like that they didn’t give you much of an idea of what they were expecting from you. I wound up just playing Simple Gifts (probably because I love the song so much…) and got 8th chair. I am fairly sure I was better than a few of the kids that got a better seat than me, but I definitely blame it on not knowing what they wanted. But I’m done giving excuses…let me just say that the kids that got the few like two chairs deserved it and I congratulate them on their talents. Though, I do envy some of the kids that got better chairs than me as it was not deserved. Let’s leave that at that.

After the auditions we started right away at rehearsal. We were redirected to this BEAUTIFUL chapel (it’s a christian college). We spent most of our time in there and it was really cool….fastforwarding? The next day we had a masters class with theinstructors for each intrument at that school. So obviously I went with their trumpet instructor. My jaw dropped with respect when I listened to him play. He taught me a lot, a lot of things I’d never be remotely told before. In fact, I doubted him on some of the things he told me because some of them were completely opposite of everything I’ve ever been taught. If you want a more in depth explanation on that, just ask.

This is a photo of us playing inside of the chapel. It sure is beautiful, huh?


Since it’s getting late and this is taking longer than anticipated I will leave with this:

I have decided which career I am going into and I am so excited to get on the road with it. I’m going into music, and intend to be a band director. I’m excited for this journey, but I know I will love it in the end! Thank God that I’ve finally decided!

Here’s the image of outside of the chapel. It’s the only picture I managed to take. Sorry…




  1. You will be a terrific band director!

    Work hard, have fun, and remember…your Lord Jesus is always with you…in the good times and the bad.

  2. Sounds like a beautiful and eventful outting. Great to hear it!

  3. Great looking Place! Was there a CD? I would like to hear you in a group!

  4. thats greatness! both your experience and the direction you are taking. band directors have more of an impact on the lives of their students than most people realize. god will surely use you to show them the love of christ.


  5. Kent, yes the band directors in my life I will always deeply love and cherish. The director I have now I consider one of my best friends! Him and his wife have been by my side through a lot of hardships. There is just something about allowing someone to lead you like that…you get attached. Every time they look at you when you go to play, every beat, every note, every word…for some reason…you cherish them.

    Will, I’ll look into it. I would LOVE to hear one myself! If I get my hands on one, I’ll post some of the songs here, or email them to ya, ok?

  6. Hope,
    I would love to hear some of the music as well. I still love listening to bands. I have a CD from my stint in the Razorback Marching Band and dig it out every so often to listen to.
    I am also excited for you in your decision.

  7. […] Came in the Mail! I finally got my CD in mail from Hope College honors band! I bought it for you guys because you said you wanted to hear it, but I cannot figure out how to […]

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