Posted by: Hope | February 11, 2009

Peace in the Lord

One of the first conversations me and my best friend had as newly found Christian “buddies” was our hearts and how we desire that the people around us know the Lord the way we do. Now, we recognized that we both had very different reasons for wanting this, but also realized similar it was.

Hers? Pretty typical Christian stuff: I don’t want the people I know and love to go to hell as I go to heaven to be with God. It’s a legitimate thought, and I can see the worry. The passion in her voice made me know that she was sincere and that we’re pretty much on the same path.

Mine? Maybe slightly typical, but nothing to do with hell: I have found such a large peace since I found God. I do not live an easy, fun going life. And since I’ve found god (hasn’t been very long at all!) I’ve felt such a relief and comfort. It didn’t come at first. And I was really frustrated. I had acknowledged that I did believe in a God and when I accepted Christ into my life I just had some expectations that peace would overwhelm my life (I think it’s a terrible misconception many Christians hold). It wasn’t until this past couple of weeks that I really began to feel the peace and kindness of Christ. I long so much for the people I love to find this peace as well.

But what I realized is that this peace isn’t what I expected it to be. Maybe that’s why I didn’t “sense” this peace at first? At first I expected everything to be okay, and for god to take all of my worries and struggles away. But now I just realize that no matter what God is there, will always be there, and he loves me. That’s it. He LOVES me.

Too many people don’t have that sense of “love” in their lives. It’s what makes February 14th such a terrible day for so many people around the world. As a single woman I know how it feels to be alone on Valentines day. I know how it feels to have that sense that nobody around you cares or loves you. I think this is what gets me with God. That he loves  me UNCONDITIONALLY! Not only does he love me, but it is unconditional. Holy cow is that a relief.

I find myself praying that each and every one of you find that peace in the Lord that I have. It’s truly, genuinely an amazing thing.


(wow, I sound so fundamental…)



  1. I love that you have that peace and love. Enjoy it, roll around in it, embrace it! God will never take all our problems and challenges away. We live in a fallen world and we will still deal with wrong in our lives. But the difference is now God walks with us through every moment of every day, and every trial and every happy or sad moment. The Creator of the universe will *never* leave you! Awesome thought!

    I’ve been a Christian now for about 5 years, and the reason I tell you to wallow in your peace right now is that a typical Christian growth pattern is not straight up. It tends to be an up and down thing. Remember this precious peace, and it will help you through the harder times.


  2. Hope,
    I really like this post. Very well put. And I like the picture too. It’s a great reminder for Valentine’s Day. You can’t make God love you more, and you can’t make God love you less. He just loves you no matter what. Amazing to me every time I think about it.

  3. You don’t sound like a fundamentalist…but you do have ‘sound fundamentals’!

    You have a heart for others. One of the marks of the believer.

  4. god is only real in the world , rest whole world is fake

  5. philippians 4:7
    and the peace of god which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in christ jesus.

    this peace very rarely makes sense but its been an immeasurable comfort on the journey.

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