Posted by: Hope | February 10, 2009

Update on “More to Christ Than That”

My previous blog was about a dispute and frustration with my best friend. We resolved our “fight” soon enough and became good friends within a day. We just said we’d drop it, and we did and moved on. We wound up talking openly about a few days later and that’s about it.

Well, I took advice from some of you guys on here and other friends as well. I let her do what she needs to do and tried to show her my own spiritual life. We began working out together and after working out today I pulled her aside and showed her this notebook I have that is FILLED (quite literally) with questions and notes I have as I read the Bible. I began to read to her my most recent struggles with 1 John (which I still need to write about on here). I think this really showed her an insight into how “religious” I really am. I was amazed at how quick she opened up to me and actually began to discuss things with me. She was never willing to do this with me before, it was such an amazing improvement and I thank God for it. We really talked heart to heart for nearly an hour.

We went to go see a movie after talking and when we stopped at Wal-Mart to get some goodies to sneak in she said she was sorry for being so closed minded towards me. And she said that when we were talking she realized that we both want to change a lot of things and become stronger in our faith and asked if we could become accountability “partners”. I couldn’t believe it, you shoulda saw it! My jaw literally dropped.

So that’s the story. Our friendship is mended, and the frustration is gone. And we will be pulling for one another from here on out. I finally found my first Christian friend.




  1. Good for you guys!

    I hope your friendship will blossom!

  2. im with oldadam. may you grow together.

  3. Hope, I’m happy for the both of you, really…, I’m doing my happy dance right now! 🙂

    Grace and peace be with you and your friend.

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