Posted by: Hope | February 7, 2009

Church: There’s more to Christ than that!

I’ve been debating on what and how I wanted to say what has been on my mind lately. I still have not concluded, but I feel like attempting to anyways.

My best friend and I got into a dispute the other day. It was not over anything to significant, but it wound up making me realize a lot about her and other Christians.

Why do you go to church? And why do some desire to go more than once a week? I understand going to church. To me? Church is about fellowship and getting close to other people that believe similarly to you. It’s really that simple. You can’t base your spiritual life off of going to church once a week. You still have 6 more days out of a week to stay in touch with god! What kind of friend are you if you merely spend one day out of the week talking with someone?

I say this because of the dispute my friend and I had. We have wind ensemble every Wednesday night at the Flint Institute of Music. It’s a small ensemble and important to me. My friend is also in this ensemble with me (she plays the saxophone). Well she has decided that after the first semester she’s gonig to make church more of a priority on Wednesday nights than wind ensemble. Which in reality I feel like she’s being immature about it all.Β  She said she isn’t going to let wind ensemble interfere with her faith. Okay…I have A LOT of problems with that statement. She could have told me she would rather see her church friends, or merely say she would rather go to church. Either of those I would have accepted. But when you go as far as to say that not attending church on a Wednesday night (when you go on Sunday mornings, especially) will interfere with your faith? Then yes…I’m gonna have problems with that.

This is what I wrote her in a text message after she said that, let me know if you agree with me or not..“ha! church is about fellowship, not the strength of your faith. If you are incapable of maintaining a relationship with Christ living off of going to church once a week you REALLY need to start spend some more one on one time with god and learn that there is so much more to find out about him then what is inside the walls of a church”

You can’t live your life relying on church to “lift” you back up.Β  You have to maintain a relationship with Him on a daily basis. This my friends, is where the oil mixes with the water for me. I just can’t agree with it. Pick your priorities wisely.




  1. Hello. This reminds me of a comment that I once received at work from another saint. It was a monday morning and while I don’t remember the situation that led to it, he asked me “didn’t you get recharged at church yesterday?” I wanted to reply “I’m constantly being recharged 24/7” but feared that it would have come across as sounding sarchastic. Instead I just stood there and pondered the thinking that led to such a question.

    You’re right on. Our relationship with Jesus is 24/7 and while fellowship is desirable, it’s not the thing that makes us. Too many alow themselves to become captive to religious structure which will leave them unprepared for the trials of their faith.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


  2. Hey Hope, just wanted to let you know that I’m proud of you. πŸ™‚ That statement is so true:

    “You can’t base your spiritual life off of going to church once a week. You still have 6 more days out of a week to stay in touch with God! What kind of friend are you if you merely spend one day out of the week talking with someone?”

    I wish more folks would or could understand that concept, for their own spiritual well being.

    As for your friend’s explanation, I would suggest that you just be graceful about the matter and remember that ultimately God will judge her heart and actions.

    Grace and peace be with you.

  3. This is an easy one. She is right. You are wrong. She is actually being quite mature. You are being quite immature. Learn from your friend. God speed.

  4. We’re all entitled to our own opinions Burpie πŸ™‚ If I pay to be in a band, I’m sorry but it is going to be my number one priority to ensure that that band succeeds.

  5. I don’t think this can really be summed up on a this way or the highway statement. It’s up to the individual on how they meet their spiritual needs, or at least on how they think they meet their spiritual needs. Even though the standard brick and mortar church is going the way of the dinosaur, it still serves a purpose to some.

    I believe that the main cause for the recharging though, is like you and your commentors stated, the fellowship. Fellowship is a wonderful and powerful thing, and I also feel it is needed to grow in Christ. Be it in the pews, over coffee, in a letter, or via blog, fellowship is a daily activity that gives us comfort and helps strengthen what we believe.

  6. Technically the phrasing “interfere with her faith” is not accurate. Her faith is in Christ, and that isn’t exactly interfered with by going or not going to church (at least I don’t think it is). But it could potentially interfere with her spiritual health, or development. If she isn’t in a place where her relationship with Christ is strong, then she probably does need to go on Wednesday.

    You could possibly try to help her find a study on a different night. WIN WIN.

    Out of Debt Christian

  7. Matt, But that is the thing she is one of the “best” Christians I’ve ever met. I just don’t get why she would feel threatened in her faith. She spends time with God and stuff I think on a daily basis. *shrug*

    Wulfgar, it is very much so a fellowship thing. But she has me and other Christian friends that she speaks with regularly. I just dont get it, I suppose. But oh well…Life moves on. We forgave each other for some of the harsh things said and moved on πŸ™‚ I’m just worried about what she perceives as “faith”

  8. Church is about fellowship and getting close to other people that believe similarly to you
    You got it!
    but before you accuse, criticize and choose, walk a mile in her shoes. Maybe she has some issues, or maybe she is seeking a deeper faith or something. Going to what church how often isn’t really something we can pick on in others.
    Then again it is hard to find really good sax players.

  9. church isnt someplace you go.

  10. Willo, that’s the thing. She refuses to discuss religion with me for the most part. It’s really frustrating. It’s because I used to be an atheist and we used to debate a lot and it really pissed her off. But now that I’m a Christian again she still refuses to talk to me about it. I find it really offensive, but we’ll leave that topic alone.

    Kent, What are you saying?

  11. Hope,

    That is exactly why I believe that the better thing for you to do is to take the high road of acting as gracefully as the Lord allows you to at this point in your walk. Perhaps when your friend sees your faith in action, the Holy Spirit might speak to her heart about about the bitterness or resentment that she appear to be having as you have described.

    Sometimes we need to be the one to initiate the “walk across the aisle” when it comes to meeting, greeting or reconciling with others.

    Grace and peace be with you.

  12. its not a building or a program or whatever else people have fixed in their silly nogs. church is the term for the people of god. wherever they are. whatever they are doing.

    hopefully living out the jesus stuff.

  13. I think it is her choice and although you think it is wrong, ultimately it is up to her to play out her life the best way she sees fit.

    As do you.

    There are people in my church who would never dream about going more than on Sunday morning.
    Then there are some that are there everytime the doors are opened.

    No one is right and no one is wrong.

    And then there is the Mary and Martha story!

  14. You guys are right. Thanks.

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