Posted by: Hope | February 5, 2009

Trumpet Shots

Here are a few of my favorite parts in some songs that I am playing in Wind Ensemble at the Flint Institute of Music. They’re not long videos, just short snippets of my favorite parts. Watch them, love them, love me! Thanks!



  1. Way to press on the valves! That is seriously impressive!

  2. Did you need more than one take or are you just that good? I think you sound good. As a brass guy, who struggles with the trumpet, I am impressed.

  3. No reason to be impressed. They’re a bunch of middle school songs. Really, please..don’t be impressed.

    For the In the Forest of the King I had to do it twice cause I didnt accelerate properly….So no, I’m not just that good.

  4. You sound like me. I have always been my own worst critic. You have good tone everywhere except the extreme low register, which isn’t unusual. That’s the only problem I really noticed in the first clip. I thought the technique was pretty good in that clip for sure. Believe me, I have heard plenty worse in my life.

  5. Oh I know my lower register is terrible. And I dont get why. I play low tones ALL the time so it will get better. It’s my biggest problem. My problem used to be tonguing, and still is. I struggle a lot. I’m trying to learn how to double tongue, but I just learned how to tongue. So to double tongue it’s really killing me. So yeah, tonguing and lower register I struggle with. And anything about a high B (err…Your A?) is really crappy sounding too. Unless I’m UBER warmed up.

    And now the guy I’m taking lessons from (haha, just started Wednesday) is making me change my embouchure. That is going to really suck. You should see my embouchure now though, you’d probably laugh. You can’t really tell in the videos, but I think it’s why I tilt my head down so much. Basically? My lower lip like completely flips out. I need to tuck that bad boy back in.

    Wow…sorry for that tangent.

  6. You think you have a bad embouchure? I once saw Dizzy Gillespie in concert years ago. He would make any trumpet teacher have a heart attack. If you haven’t heard him, you should look him up. Great trumpet player with a technique that no one can or should emulate.
    I used to have a friend that played the trumpet with the mouthpiece favoring one side of his mouth. They never did fix him.

  7. I’ve never heard of him. I’ll check him out and get back with you.

    My best friend plays on the right side of his mouth too. I can do it…I can play anywhere on my mouth…it’s not hard. But it sure was interesting that he only played on that side especially during marching band. One judge actually commented on it on one of our tapes. I laughed pretty hard when I heard him comment it. My buddy would tell me that if his lips ever got tired he’d just rotate to the front of his mouth and he’d be all set to go for another round. I envied him for that.

  8. Yeah, that is a lot harder to do with low brass. The mouthpiece is a lot bigger and can’t play as easily on one side of the mouth.
    I think you will like Dizzy, but don’t ever try to play like that. It hurts.

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  10. So I checked him out. That’s ridiculous. That’s not even human. I’m disgusted. My cheeks aren’t even half that size.

  11. My son is a trumpet player of just about 3 years, I’m sending him your way this summer so you can give him lessons.. 😉

  12. It is bizarre for sure, but man could he play. I think I was in junior high when I saw him in concert with a local college jazz band.

  13. Wulfgar…I’d be glad to! Seriously!

    It just looks so painful Jeff. Too painful.

  14. one word: satchmo.

  15. ps. dig your strength.

  16. Strength in what?

    And sure, go ahead and post a video of one the best ever. Thanks!

  17. anytime you risk thats a sign of strength.

  18. What was I risking?

  19. ridicule? mockery?

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