Posted by: Hope | February 1, 2009

25 Things About Me

This is floating around Facebook a lot right now. I got pressured into filling it out and I finally cracked. I figured I’d share with you guys my 25 things! And while I was at it, I figured I’d tag a few of my “blogging” buddies. Let’s say…5 people?

1: Asylum Letters/Wulfar

2: The Holy Wild/Graceshaker

3: Willohroots

4: Got Fruit?/Christopher

5: Serialyouthpastor/Chris

25 Things About Me

Well, I was tagged a few times, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

1) I’m not very feminine. I burp, fart, swear, and say sexual jokes. It boils down to me not caring what others think of me.

2) I’m really a lot more cocky than I come off. I have a pretty high self confidence. Not so much due to my physical appearance…more down the line of my intelligence. I think I’m fairly smart, but not nearly as smart as I’d like to be.

3) I hate people being mad at me. I get hurt really easily, but I never show it. I pretty much aim to make others around me happy…

4) I play the trumpet. I dont know if all of you know this. I’m a huge band nerd and it’s my passion. I regret not practicing and taking lessons when I first started playing. If I’ve learned anything practice does so much more than what catches the eye.

5) I honestly would rather be a music teacher than be a veterinarian. 1) It’s not as much schooling 2: It follows my true passion…I’m scared to change my mind, because I’m scared I’m not talented enough to pursue my dreams.

6) My mom and I have a terrible relationship. I front that I hate her, but I know that deep down I really do love her. I just wish we didn’t fight so much. I wish we didn’t talk past eachother. I desire to be friends with her, but it will never happen until I move out. We misunderstand each other, and read each other wrong. The frustration is so high so consistently that we never cut one another enough slack to even try and understand where the other is coming from. It’s depressing and really makes life difficult.

7) I don’t want to graduate anymore. I’ve reached the point where I’m scared to grow up. I hate school, but I’m going to miss Mr. Jones and band and stuff. I’m really scared of failure and wasting my talent. Why did I work so hard all these years if I’m not going to aim high? I don’t get it anymore.

8: I want to find a person to settle down with soon after I graduate. Maybe I’m just dreaming.

9) I desire to know more. All the time. I desire to know God, and who he is and why I feel like he’s calling me to do more when I’m so young and ignorant about him. I dont know what it is, and I dont get it. Maybe I’m imagining things, but I really feel like there’s more out there for me
10) I hate cold weather. I hate winter. I hate Michigan. I’m moving out of here as soon as the opportunity arises (haha, that’ll be never)

11) I love sports, all of them. Yes, marching band IS a sport. My favorite sport is really close between hockey and football.

12) I really regret quitting swimming. I was pretty good, and I probably could have become great! Oh well…lessons learned…missed opportunities

13) I have alopecia areata. Ever heard of it? Some of you may have. Basically, it’s a “balding” disease. The white blood cells in my head basically “attack” the hair follicles making them not grow. So, I get random bald spots now and then. It’s really embarrassing, but I have long hair so you’d most likely never know.

15) I am so happy that John broke up with me back in October. That relationship was shit. I didn’t realize when I was with him, but he’s a complete moron. And his religion would have always been a huge issue. He really did me a blessing. And to think…he only did it because he was forced to. How sad…

16) I have three brothers and one sister. Two of my brothers and my sister are only half…but I’ve never looked at them that way…they’ve been there since I was born. So, the technicalities mean not much to me at all. It’s quite different than how siblings feel when they’re step siblings or anything like that. It’s just as if they are full. But with technicalities put in, Kyle is my only full brother.

17) I have 2 nephews (from my brother Mark and his wife, Julie) Alex (4) and Aidan (2). They’re probably the cutest kids I’ve ever met. For the most part they are well behaved and very intelligent. Alex loves to put people into submissions (he gets it from his dad) and Aidan loves music. I think I’ll probably wind up adopting Aidan as one of my own.

18: It amazes me how much I get to know my “best friends” more and more on a daily basis. Some of them I don’t think I’ll ever fully grasp. But that’s okay…I love them all!

19) I miss being close to a lot of my old church buddies. Especially the Campbel’s, Spencers and Jimmy…I’ve always adored those guys. It’s sad. And I REALLY miss PT pretty much daily. (PT was my youth pastor when I first started going to church. He died of a heart attack at the age of 45 playing basketball. Very devastating) I can’t wait to see him in heaven again. I only hope that through all of my doubts and life struggles I’ll come out in the end making him proud.

20) I play the guitar. Only a little, but enough to entertain myself when boredom kicks in. I wish I was better. It’s embarrassing when I go to family events (for my dads side) and my uncle asks me about my guitar playing and all I can say is “oh…you know…” Makes me feel like I let ’em down at times. Maybe I’ll change that in the future. But I’m just so lazy I have a hard time dedicating the time.

21) My birthday is next month, Feb. 19th. I can’t wait. Finally…an adult.

22) I don’t tell people how I feel about them enough. I wish I lived more outward and less inward. It’s something I really need to work on.

23) My public speaking skills are TERRIBLE!! It makes me sound like an idiot. I am SOO much more intelligent than how I sound when I talk. My speech pattern embarrasses me.

24) I’m an idiot. I quit drinking because of god and religion. And then I picked up smoking. Am I really *that* stupid?

25) I think I seek advice more than I should. I need to learn to think for myself.

P.S…when I got to about 21. I was really struggling on what to say!



  1. ur nifty.

  2. I am going to ask my wife 25 things about me tonight. sigh, it has been a great marriage! if she won’t i will, but I’m not tagging! i annoy everybody as it is!

  3. I will use yours as a guide
    1. I do not have a feminine side to get in touch with
    2 I went to college for free, they said I was smart
    3 me too
    4 I play guitar in the praise band, I only play good enough to sing with
    5 I used to teach electricians at jr. college, I loved it
    6 My mom and I were never close
    7 I’m really scared of failure and wasting my talent.
    8 I have been married 29 years, I love deeply
    9 I desire to know more. All the time. I desire to know God, and who he is and why he called me.
    10 Winter depresses me
    11 Good marching bands make me cry. I do not no why, it can be embarrassing
    12 Las tyear is the first year of my life I did not go swimming. last year sucked
    13 I am a cancer survivor
    14does not exist at Hope Lounge
    15 My wife shares my religion, I have watched her grow in the Lord. It is my biggest joy in life.
    16 I had no brothers or sisters, and that sucked
    17 I have one neice, I have seen her 5 times in her life. she is 24, that suck too!
    18 My wife is my best friend
    19 I miss having church buddies, being a Pastor is rough that way
    20 I need to start really playing and practicing again
    21 I turned 53 on jan 17
    22 I don’t tell people how I feel about them enough.
    23 There are times that the only place i really feel at home is in the pulpit talking about my God, the rest seems.. hollow
    24 I struggle with tobacco addiction till this day,
    25 I get trapped int doing 25 things more than I should.

  4. haha You are my new best friend.

  5. 19 I miss having church buddies, being a Pastor is rough that way

    i hear ya bro.

  6. Why wouldn’t you have church buddies as a pastor? I assumed it would be the other way around.

  7. okay since willoh did it i guess i will. but only here and only for you hope. dont go pass this around it will ruin my rep.

    1 im often mistaken for being 10 years younger than i am.
    2 i am able to empathize on a surreal level.
    3 u2 is by far my favorite band.
    4 i love to read but rarely have the time.
    5 i have a growing collection of shot glasses.
    6 i dont do shots.
    7 my wife is my best friend but we dont get near enough time together.
    8 i love my 3 children and want more.
    9 i am fascinated by outer space. stars and planets and all the other stuff – simply amazing.
    10 i played football from the time i was 7 until i was a sophomore in high school.
    11 then i joined the choir bc of all the pretty girls.
    12 i love cold weather and winter is my favorite time of year.
    13 i wish we lived in a place where there were seasons.
    14 id rather be friends with a passionate atheist than a passionless christian.
    15 i can count the passionate christians i know on one hand.
    16 the church makes it hard to work for the church.
    17 in college i survived on fritos and ranch dip with mountain dew. its just about all i ate. i should weigh 500 lbs but i dont.
    18 i could drop about 40 lbs tho.
    19 i want to live in ireland someday.
    20 if that doesnt happen i would at the least like to move to the pacific ne.
    21 i like being bald and the jokes dont bother me.
    22 im a poet.
    23 there are some events in my past that i havent dealt with.
    24 jesus is my hero.
    25 i dont like these things bc i would rather find out about you in conversation over a period of time.

  8. Hey there…I found your blog because it mentioned Alopecia. I’ve been totally bald for almost 30 years!!! For 19 years I wore wigs but for the last 10 I’ve been “The Bald Chick”! You can see my 25 Things on my Facebook page if you care to…

    Shine On!
    author, I Love You More

  9. Kent, about your 25. There’s still so much more to learn about me 😉 How do you sum your life up in 25 things? It just doesn’t work that way!

    Laura, I sent you a request.

  10. trumpethope,
    I found my way here from Willoh’s place and read your 25 things and loved it. I am a band geek, still completely unrecovered. I played Euphonium in HS and for a year in the Marching Razorback band in college. I miss marching band to this day. Someday I am going to sneak back to Fayetteville and ask to play in the alumni band just once. I also played trombone so I could do jazz band and ended up getting a chance to play with the Black Hills Symphony for several years when we lived in Rapid City. I just wanted to encourage you to do what you love.
    God bless,

  11. Grace shaker, i bet 8 and 7 conflict! ain’t it the way!

  12. indeed willoh. but we will work it out. and our children are muy bueno.

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