Posted by: Hope | January 29, 2009

Tim Minchin, My New Hero?

My buddy Jason introduced to me a few months ago Tim Minchin. I posted one of his “comic” stands  titled “Storm”. I’ve slowly fell in love with this guys work. He’s so straightforward and blunt it’s hilarious. He not only does comedy, but he’s a musician too. He’s inspired many, and moved me. I will forever adore this guy.


The bad thing is, he’s pretty anti religion. I don’t mind…but some of you might. This song that I’m posting deals nothing with it, but I’m just warning you that if you’re religious and me posting about him inspires you to check him out…don’t blame me if he offends you!

Anyways, here is my favorite song that I’ve heard by him so far. I hope you enjoy it as well. Tim Minchin – “If I Didn’t Have You”



  1. did you ever really not want to like something? This guy is smart, well he is on the bell curve. his own words. I kinda like him but if I wasn’t listening to him I would be listening to some other comic do some other routine oh you get it/…

  2. Dude…I like you even more after reading that. You’re hilarious!!! 😀

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