Posted by: Hope | January 23, 2009

Second Job Hunt

I have decided that I will be moving out after I graduate. In six months or so I will be on my own (well, with a couple friends). I am nervous, to be extremely honest with you. I have gone all around town and picked up an app from basically every place around here. You name it, I picked an app up from there. The part that scares me about it is that almost every place I went to said that they’ve handed out a lot of apps lately. I’m so screwed. I better I get one of these jobs…I don’t even care what it is!!

But for now, I’ll be working at the movie theater still. It’s a decent job, I just would either like to have a better one, or another one. Either of those would keep me satisfied.



  1. Remember to hit those places again after 3 months, that’s about as long as most places keep apps on file. Good luck, I’m looking(kinda) too.

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