Posted by: Hope | January 22, 2009

Maybe I’m Asking For Too Much

I’m seeking a new church. I desire a place that can seriously teach me, help me, and guide me. I want a place to get plugged into, a place that will insist that I do a job. That is exactly what I want.

I’ve been going to this church called the Freedom Center. It’s in Linden, Michigan. It’s pretty cool, so far. It has a young vibe to it, it is definitely not your “grandmas” church. In a sense I think that’s cool, and in another sense I am eerie of it. The fact that it is so young scares me that there will be too many people there that are like me. I know that probably sounds odd, but I want people that are complete opposites of me. People that are bold, and willing to stand up for what they believe in. Basically? I’m looking for a place that won’t take my shit. I want a place that will address me and my issues. But I also want a place that can relate to me.

Gosh…maybe I’m asking for too much from a place they call “church”.



  1. Good luck, my family has been bouncing in and out of churches for about 2 years now, ever since our favorite friend/pastor was forced to retire at our old church. I miss church so much, the people and community, but it is so hard to seek one out that feels like home.

  2. Dude I hear that. I went through an “atheist” stage for the past two years. I left my “home” church and now it just doesn’t feel like “home” anymore…so I’m seeking a new church.

  3. I remember being caught up in the “relevant” movement, while still in my home church. I was so tempted at leaving because to be honest, the “relevant” church scene really speaks to a younger modern crowd. Then these relevant churches blossomed and to me, seemed to caught up in being relevant, that they are now missing the mark and embracing materialism more than Christ.
    There’s something about finding the right Church, when you can walk in and feel at home, and genuinely Love everyone there. Lord I miss that.

  4. i just listened to your pastors sermon from this past week. he sounds pretty solid. maybe there is a way for you to get more involved in the community life of the church and find some discipleship there? or maybe you should speak with one of the pastors about it?

  5. About what? What am I supposed to say to him?

  6. What do you mean by “relevant” Wulfgar?

  7. Remember the old kids song, “The church is not the steeple … The church is the people?”

    As long as we consider church as a place we go to, to find acceptance and feel better, it will be the steeple we will look for.

    But the real church is the ‘Eclesia,’ the people of God, and they can be found in any group of two or three, often not in a church building at all.

    We tend to think about church as a place we go to Sunday morning to ‘be fed,’ when really we should be looking for opportunity to BE A BLESSING wherever we find ourselves.

    The way I see it, anyway …

  8. talk to the pastor about your concerns. tell him what youre telling us.

  9. I only tell you guys because it’s my dirty little secrets I keep bottled inside and don’t want to express to the real world 🙂 haha…no..I’m kidding. But I think me telling him where I stand is going to be more difficult than you make it sound.

    1) I’m shy
    2) My public speaking is terrible
    3) I’m a jerk

    Those three things will lead me to a world of trouble.

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