Posted by: Hope | January 13, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go??

I live at home with my parents. I’m only a senior in High School. I have a job, I pay for basically everything that I own. I consider myself to be a very mature and responsible person.

With that said, I live in a home where it’s killing me inside. I love my family and both of my parents deeply, don’t get me wrong. However, when you come home from school, work, anywhere really…and all you do is get screamed at, criticized and ridiculed it begins to get to you after awhile.

A few days ago my mother and I got into a dispute over something that was very minute and ridiculous. I honestly feel that in this case, she overreacted. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking: oh how typical, she probably always says that. But I dont. Not at all. I know that there are times when I deserve what is said to me, but this time? No. Not at all. And this time it lead to me being threatened to be kicked out.


So my question to you is, after I graduate should I try and stay at home for the next two-three years of college or should I leave? Move in with some friends that have already said they would and do the college thing also.

I’m really struggling with this decision. Please, give me your input.




  1. my initial reaction is to do whatever it takes to keep a good line of communication with your family.

  2. First comment, I love the Clash concert poster. Now on the moving out part, which would bring the greater disturbance to your being; Staying at home and feeling beaten down, or going on your own, and feeling reality. Break out the scales and weigh your thoughts.
    I’ve been on my own since 17 and have had many bumps and bruises, but like the cliche goes, it made me who I am……

  3. haha I am glad you caught the Clash joke!!

    I don’t know what I think would be more beneficial to me. I think it’d be easier on me emotionally if I moved out, but obviously much more difficult financially. I am unsure which I am willing to take more of.

  4. I would rather not give advice. I will say I think the way we leave places impacts our relationships as much (if not more) as whether we leave them. I was socially and financially ready to leave home at 19 (and did), but was still very emotionally upset over things that happened with my parents. As a result, I still had a lot of growing up to do and did it in rather destructive ways between the ages of 19-26.

    Whatever you decide, I pray God give you wisdom and lead you along pleasant paths toward greener pastures.

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