Posted by: Hope | December 30, 2008

An Atheist Impressed

I thought that I posted this on here, but apparently not. This is a video that I saw over at Serial Youth Pastor’s blog.

I found this to be extremely interesting. I think the things he says really shows what the church needs to see. I really respect this guy, as an Atheist I can’t believe he was actually welcoming this guy to “witness” to him like this. I have a lot of really close Atheist friends and I cannot see them ever responding like this. Let me know what you think..and as serial youth pastor says…How much do you hate them?




  1. very interesting indeed.
    i think the world can’t be perfect. some will react one way some will react another way. some people will hate so people will love.

  2. Yeah, I saw this video a week or so ago, and that thought of “how much do you hate a person to not share the good news?” (not verbaim) was deep.

    From my own experiences, the threat of rejection or ridicule, sometimes an unwarranted assumption; can cause us to keep from sharing the good news. Also, a desire to see results of conversion right then and there can take precedence, and I imagine if we look at a person and assume that they won’t be receptive immediately to the good news of Christ’s redemptive work on the cross, we dismiss them.

    Just some thoughts.

    Grace and peace be with you

  3. i think theres very few christians like the one penn describes and im curious how he knows something that cant be known.

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