Posted by: Hope | December 14, 2008

Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corp

I am considering joing a drum core called Pioneer Drum and Bugle. I basically “auditioned” and was accepted, the only thing really, seriously holding me back is money.

The total cost is $1700 and it pretty much includes everything you could think of. Food, living, driving, parks, my instrument, my uniform…everything! So, it’s obviously worth it…but that still doesn’t mean that my parents aren’t poor, and I dont have nearly that amount of money in my bank, especially that I can just give over. I have about half, but I don’t have enough time and I dont make enough money to be able to get that other half in time.  Time will tell….Time will tell…

About it? Oh! Well, from the sounds of it…it should be pretty amazing. We’d practice like all spring, and after I graduate I’d go and move to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Basically, we’re gonna travel coast to coast (not quite, but basically)…and perform almost every single night of the summer. It is exactly up my alley, and will allow me to continue my passion for “marching band” after High School. Needless, to say I’m super excited.

Now…If I didn’t have to stress about money!!!


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