Posted by: Hope | December 10, 2008

My Stress Brings Me To Prayer

I’m trying to learn to accept that the “physical” state in which I look does not matter…it’s whats inside that counts. I know thats just apart of growing up and accepting yourself for who you are. I’m not saying I’m not confident, because I am…

I’m under a lot of stress right now. It’s nothing in specific, really. It’s just everything going on at once…it gets stressfull. And my disease is showing it. I have alopecia areata. For you non-medical people it’s merely a disease where you lose your hair. There’s more to it than that, but thats the basics. I lose it specifically when I’m under stress. I have medication to fight it, but the thing that I’m starting to get scared about is: it’s not really working the way it normall does. Normally, if I put the medicine on, within a week or two there are clear signs of regrowth. I don’t see that “hope” that I typically begin to feel…my hair is getting worse. It’s falling out faster than normal and I don’t know why. To be honest with you, I’m scared.

If you could pray for me…or at least join me in my journey of hope…I’d really appreciate it.





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