Posted by: Hope | December 7, 2008

First Spin Out

Yesterday morning I had my very own personal driving “scare”….I was turning a corner that really isn’t very sharp at all…ya know, when you drive and you see a yellow arrow warning you that there is a slight turn? It was like one of those. Well…it had been snowing, and as I turned my tail started to kick to the right. Instantly I was scared out of my mind. But I kept calm, and turned into it like I had always been taught, but it didn’t work…my tail started to kick the opposite way and when I attempted to turn back into that…it was game over. I just started spinning. This, maybe only last a second if I’m lucky two…but t was the most scary thing that ever happened to me. I wound up facing the wrong direction on the road with two cars coming. It was terrible.

I was only going 20 mph…what more could ya ask for? I definitely was driving much slower after that. I don’t wanna die…not anytime soon anyways.


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