Posted by: Hope | November 27, 2008

I Hate Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

To be honest, I don’t really even like Thanksgiving that much. Actually, I kind of hate it. I am not particularly the most social person, and it forces me to be social, just like Christmas does. In fact, I pretty much dislike every holiday for that very fact.

Thanksgiving always seems to be the same routine. Get up early in the morning, everyone starts fighting cause we’re in a rush to finish cooking and getting dressed. Then we all hop into the car and drive for two hours north. When you have a sibling, this makes the ride even less pleasurable. Then you finally arrive at grandma’s house and get greeted with big hugs and kisses. Within two minutes everyone is sitting on the couch, not saying a word, watching the Lions get their asses kicked year after year. Then the family members that really never get to see you begin asking the same damn questions that they do every year, and the answer is always the same. Finally, you get the courage to say “ok, im going home now” you pack up your things, get back in the car, and drive south for another two hours.


What the hell is the point? It’s a never ending, vicious cycle of bull crap. I’m pessimistic, I know. Oh well. I’m a thankful person, I really am. But why the hell do we have to have a holiday to express our thankfulness? Don’t you think it is absolutely absurd that we have to designate a day out of the year that people have to be nice to each other, and attempt to appreciate one another.

If every day were like this (like it SHOULD be) wouldn’t life be so much easier?

God I hate holidays….




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  2. Trumpethope19,

    I know you may never read this or see this, but for anyone else who might catch a glance at this, I would like to respond…

    I agree that the holidays can be a time of great stress for those who are anti-social, but I like to look at them as a learning tool; something that can help me grow as a person in some way, shape or form.

    When it comes to Thanksgiving in particular, I learned something new this year. Thanksgiving was created during the Civil War to boost the Northern troops’ morale. The story about the 1st Thanksgiving, most likely didn’t occur the way the story is taught in school because the story about the 1st Thanksgiving was written by a children’s author shortly before WWI and we as a Nation adapted our history around it. I know how there can be tension around the holiday season and for each person the reason differs, but when I learned the true reason why Thanksgiving was created this year, my spirits lifted, just like what it was supposed to do for the Northern troops.

    I know this Christmas will be very interesting for me and I plan to learn something new about this holiday. Maybe for those who don’t like holidays because there is nothing to talk about, researching the holiday might be a good discussion starter…

    Hope that helps your holiday spirit,
    God Bless,
    I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

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