Posted by: Hope | November 23, 2008

Shot Down

Not many of you know me personally, which is understandable. And even those that do know me, very few are aware of the fact that I am deaf in my right ear. I try not to let it effect my daily life. And rarely will I admit that it does. The only time I have ever really realized it is when I play my trumpet and try to tune, or hear myself when someone is playing on the left side of me. This has really and truly been the only time that it has had an effect on my life.

Well, tonight is the first time I’ve had to truly face my disability. I have been strongly considering joining the military as of lately. Tonight I contacted a recruiter and asked him if me being deaf in my right ear would be an issue. He said yes and he saw no way that I could enlist.

I’ve never been told I couldn’t do something because of a disability. I’m not used to it. I am truly hurt from this and want to cry.



  1. So sorry to hear of your “disability”. I had a similar experience when I was diagnosed with Bipolar. It clearly has placed limits on my life, but also opened other paths.

    I pray God would give you a strong sense of His love and acceptance as well as a clear sense of direction for your life.

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