Posted by: Hope | July 11, 2008

Wow Guys!

Man oh man my life has been packed full, I can’t believe it. I’m sorry I have not been posting lately, but to be honest with you…I haven’t had the desire, at all. Between work, my boyfriend, and marching band…I have no life and no time to really leisure around and make posts on here to my internet friends.

I’m trying to learn to put my family and friends first before my own leisure…and man is that really taking a bite out of my free time. My boyfriend has had huge car problems for the last month or so and that for the most part has been taking up all of my time.

Wanna hear some crap? Just to share with you some of our frustration:

  • John was having some serious car issues with his Pontiac Grand Am
  • We’d fix one thing and then something else would go wrong, etc.
  • It got old really fast…so we started looking around for a new car
  • All the while we’re still trying to fix the heater core in the grand am (wow, what a pain in the you know what)
  • Well…we found a really nice Chevy Blazer for only $1,600…what a deal right?
  • So, he bought it…
  • And now, only about 2 weeks later…
  • He has to buy a WHOLE NEW MOTOR….1700 dollars out the door, plus labor, tax, fluids, etc.

So, that has been our luck lately. I don’t know when or if I’ll be posting anytime soon. Marching band is coming up here real quick, (almost too soon 😦 )

Thanks for all of your support, but I’m stepping my way into the real world.

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