Posted by: Hope | June 3, 2008

Back to Church?

I’ve been considering going back to church. I have not made up my mind whether or not it will be “my” church that I attended for years, or a different…maybe even Johns church.

The only thing I’m “worried” about if I do go back is people thinking that it means I’m getting serious about my religion again. And, no, that wouldn’t be the case.

Some of you may be asking why I would go to church if I don’t even believe in it? Well, I don’t the person I am anymore. I’m not saying that I couldn’t change myself without religion….I’m just saying it makes it easier to have people around you that

  1. Aren’t bad influences *
  2. Are there to support you**

*This is a serious problem I have. Everyone around me is….making bad decisions in life? So with that, comes me making bad decisions in life. I believe it be VERY true that the people around you influence a person very much…which is why parents are a vital part in a childs life (yes, I know..thats completely random

**It’s hard for someone to support you in a life decision if they don’t agree with it, or they engage in the activities, etc. that you are trying to pull yourself away from. For the most part “church people” aren’t engaged in the things I’m trying to get away from. Of course…there are the “stupid” church people who just go for friends or something…and make bad life decisions also. Obviously, nobody’s perfect. When I was a “church kid” I drank alcohol all the time, cussed…but I tried to get myself out of those situations and eventually did. That’s a whole different story.

So, that’s basically all thats going on with my religious-wise at the moment. Though, I think I am leaning towards the concept of attending my boyfriends church with him…maybe it will help me understand his religion more?



  1. Well, yes, the people that are around you do have a profound effect on you. Things should get better when you get to college, though. Because people usually volunteer to go to college, and aren’t there just because they have to be, they are usually much more motivated. Not always, though: there’s always a group of lazy losers.

    As for what you should do in the meantime, I dunno. Maybe church will help, maybe it won’t. Can’t say. The one worry I would have if I were you would be being dragged down an emotional path you don’t really want to go down.

  2. Hey Hope! I haven’t been blogging for awhile…I just got married two weeks ago so I kinda took a month-long leave of absence.
    Anyway, I’m back now and thought I’d check up on ya. It seems you wrote this post a little while ago. But how are things going now? Have you decided to go back to church? Your church or John’s?

    And I definitely agree with you…the people you surround yourself with will no doubt influence the person you become and the choices you make.

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