Posted by: Hope | June 2, 2008

What’s So Wrong With It?

If you don’t read this blog on a regular occasion, allow me to inform you that I have a boyfriend that is a Mormon. I feel bad because the past 6 months of my blog posts have mostly been based around his religion. And it makes me wonder why? What honestly is so bad about Mormonism? I mean, I’ve told him that if I did go back to Christianity it definitely would not constitute me becoming a Mormon. I think he has slowly came to accept this, but still has issues with that. But why? What exactly is it that keeps me from even considering the prospect of being a Mormon?

To be honest with you, I haven’t looked up much about Mormonism. I know the basics, I’ve studied and observed the basics. But I haven’t taken any action at all in derailing. Why would I? That would completely tear John to pieces if I was a complete anti-mormonist (if thats a word??). I mean, its one thing to not believe in it…its whole ‘nother bag ‘o chips to find it absurd.

So, though I do want to grasp what people have a problem with it…I don’t actually want to do the research. Why? Well, if I was over here secretly researching “the baggage” about my boyfriends religion…doesn’t that sorta look bad? I think it does.

What am I asking then? I would be highly welcoming to any statements, good or bad, about the religion of Mormon. So…the floors open…what does anyone have to say? Please…say something, anything at all.

Take a walk through the hallway and share your thoughts as you pass by my door…its the first one on the left 🙂



  1. I mean, its one thing to not believe in it…its whole ‘nother bag ‘o chips to find it absurd… So, though I do want to grasp what people have a problem with it… I would be highly welcoming to any statements, good or bad, about the religion of Mormon.

    Very good idea to ask like this. I very much want to respond in like kind, but I have a certain difficulty… I desire to treat the question in the spirit of respect and inquiry that it was asked… But it’s hard to do this without my response reeking of contempt because, the simple fact of the matter is, I think I have just cause to find Mormonism contemptible. I don’t say this out of a desire to offend – it’s a simple statement of fact about my opinion, and I regret that you – or you boyfriend – may find it an unwelcome one.

    But the simple fact of the matter is that the main reason people have a problem with Mormonism is that, upon an honest examination of the origin and history of Mormonism it quickly becomes apparent that it is absurd.

    The best justification for this point of view is given by Christopher Hitchens… Now, you can love Hitchens or you can hate him. Personally, I love him. But he talks a good game – and quite a lot of the facts used in his stance on Mormonism can be backed up very easily.

    Here’s the links, but I offer these links with a warning. There is a very good chance that, once you listen to Hitchens and then do some research to verify his claims – it might be hard to see your boyfriend’s religion as anything other than absurd.

    Part One:

    Part Two:

    Now, that’s not to mean that good things can’t come from Mormonism – I’m very sure they can, and do. But it takes a certain capacity for willful self-deception to take a good, clear look at the early history of Mormonism and not wince with shared embarassment that people – people with ten fingers, ten toes, and brains not dissimilar to yours or mine – ever allowed themselves to be duped by the likes of Joseph Smith.

    Once again – I’m not setting out to cause offense or to insult you merely for the purpose of insulting you or your boyfriend, or even Mormonism. But you asked a question, and this is my most honest – and courteous – possible answer.

    Looking forward to your response.

  2. Ubi,

    Great to hear from you again!

    Thank you for your…very honest? response. I respect it and will look into the statements from the video. They are definitely interesting.

    Granted, when John was telling me about his religion, without knowing much about it, I sort of wanted to laugh. I feel really disrespectful putting it into those words, but its the truth. What I was told didn’t match up with common sense. A lot of it seemed mismatched and just completely absurd. But, I’ve tried to keep an open mind about it. I’ve even read a little bit of the book of Mormon. And to be frank, when reading it…it seems pretty normal, similar to the bible and stuff.

    But its just the small things that make me think “wow…thats ridiculous” and the video backs up my original thoughts.

    The thing that really scares me is the fact that he’s going to want to teach our children (if and/or when we have them) the religion of Mormon. I want my children to be on the intelligent side and use common sense…I don’t want them to be fooled by a religion and then feel “stuck” in it when they get older…like so many people do when they really study the “bad” stuff about their religion.

    I’m in a bind.

  3. Yeah, it’s a tricky one.

    I don’t know your boyfriend or your situation, so it would be kind of crass for me to offer advice given my ignorance.

    But for me, one of my mates is a pretty hardcore Christian – minister’s son, in fact. He’s hardly a biblical literalist, but I kinda get the impression that he’d like to be if he could square it with himself.

    He’s been a mate of mine for several years, and he knows I’m pretty solidly atheist. He’s as dismissive of atheism as I am of theism. Could be a sensitive issue.

    But it’s worked around very easliy through the ancient male art of solving the problem by pretending it’s not there. Essentially, we just don’t talk about our views in an adverserial way with one another. It’s worked so far. The social group of my mates and I pretty much converse via persoal insult, so the guy and I can even wind each other up a little and no harm done.

    The deal is pretty much that he doesn’t try to convert me, and I don’t point out how silly his beliefs are, or involve him personally when pointing out how silly the beliefs of other people are.

    Don’t know if that helps as much as I’d like it too. I don’t even know if this could be transplanted from a friendship between two mates to the replationship between a romantic couple. Especially with the kids angle.

    Have you considered taking a page from Daniel Dennett, and go for the ‘comprehensive education of the world’s religions’ thing? Don’t know if you’re aware of it. The idea is that Dennett would like it to be a compulsory part of all education systems to teach children about all the world’s religions. Not teaching them to believe, persay. But just keeping them informed about all the different religions. Simple facts about their beliefs, moral codes, practices, history, and especially their origins.

    The idea is that we should teach our children about religion, and teach them well. There’s a link to an article about this here.

    So a compromise might be this sort of thing. That the two of you could agree to teach your children the facts about all religions in the interest of allowing your children their right to informed choice and consent. This would include simple factual statements about what Mommy believes, and what Daddy believes. The idea would be to let your children decide for themselves what they believe, which is their right as members of a free society.

    Damnit, there I go with the crass advice thing again. I’ve really got to learn to reign in the self-importance thing.

  4. Yeah, I’ve brought that concept up to him, but we haven’t discussed it in detail yet. Every time we try, we fight…so lately we’ve just avoided all talk on religion. But yes, I’d totally be open to that concept and have even suggested it.

    It’s all on him now.
    I suppose I would be ok if he taught them his religion, but as long as I was able to teach them other religions and what I believe and stuff…I think thats only fair, right?

    I do think you’re example is a little different though. We get along great, but we’re talking about my childs religion. I think thats a bit different. Cause there’s a good chance we wont agree on how to go about teaching our children the subject of “religion.”

  5. Granted, when John was telling me about his religion, without knowing much about it, I sort of wanted to laugh. I feel really disrespectful putting it into those words, but its the truth. What I was told didn’t match up with common sense.

    Interestingly enough, I actually had a somewhat similar experience to this. Some years back, before I transferred to UC Davis, a friend of my roommate’s seemed interested in me. I didn’t pursue it at the time, because I was leaving in just a few months (looking back, I think this was a really really stupid move on my part…I should have just gone for it anyway…better to have loved and lost and all that). The funny thing is, though, she was a Mormon.

    You see, she came over to our dorm room pretty frequently, and once she seemed to start getting interested in me, she started playing passages from the Book of Mormon online. It sounded patently absurd to me. I had the exact same feeling: I wanted to laugh. Of course, I didn’t, because I kinda liked the girl (also bear in mind that I was still a Christian at the time, and bought into the whole “don’t criticize faith thing).

    So, yeah, where I stand is: the history as claimed by the religion is so blatantly false that there’s no way I would ever consider it. Of course, the same thing goes with fundamentalist Christianity. There are other potential issues too, such as how the church feels on women’s rights and homosexuality, but obviously you can just talk to him about that, if you haven’t already.

  6. Hope,

    Congratulations to your Red Wings winning the Stanley. (Boo, Hiss) 🙂

    Here’s a site that I think might provide you with some insight regarding questions you have.

    Grace and peace be with you.

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