Posted by: Hope | March 13, 2008

All Stressed Out

I seem to go through large waves of posting…lots of ups and downs with my consistency of it all. Lately, I’ve been really busy. This entire week has been testing for the ACT and MME and it has had me pretty freaking stressed and drained out. Its finally over and today was my last day, but boy oh boy it sure was a brain killer. I feel completely mentally drained. I never thought I’d say that at such a young age, but its true.


This Saturday I have to attend Solo & Ensemble States Festival. I’m really excited and pray that we do well. I find it annoying however, that nobody seems to understand how important this is to me. Probably because it’s not a sport, and others don’t really understand the significance of this to me, through my eyes. So–if you’re at a loss of how intriguing this is for me….think of it like a high school wrestler going to States. It takes a lot of time, dedication, hard work, and success to get there. This is the same exact thing–but in the “band” world. Some may argue there’s a huge difference, and physically– yeah..sure..maybe…but the level of intensity is the same. At least through my eyes. Through the eyes of a band geek.

eye.jpg + band-geek.jpg



  1. i was wondering if i could use your picture of the eye for my project that i am doing for my class

  2. it would be on display at an art thingy and i would photoshop it in to something else.

  3. it would be on display at an art thingy and i would photoshop it in to something else. thanks

  4. It’s not my photo, bud. I got it off of google. So, I don’t care.

  5. This eye is a very beautiful color

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