Posted by: Hope | February 14, 2008

“Mother of All Memes”

Ah, fun…loads and loads of fun!

Yup, a game! Luckily I decided to dance around on the blogging world today and saw that I was so graciously tagged on a little game over at Necessary Therapy. This game was for me to tell you seven things about myself. I’ll try to be random.

1) My father and brother are my best friends.

dscf3443.jpg dscf3718.jpg

2) I could never be a doctor because I hate people


3) I used to bowl a lot, it was a serious addiction


4) I have absolutely no idea what the true meaning of “love” is


5) I’m an extremely jealous person


6) I’ve always regretted not playing any high school sports

softball.jpg \

7) I live in an ironic world. I hate winter, and I live in Michigan. Go figure.


Ok, there you go. Now…it’s my turn to tag five people

Cassidy over at Cassidy Spencer

David over at The Cave

Brad over at Cognitive Content

Aaron over at Arms Wide Open

It’s up to you guys to choose to do this or not!


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  1. You hail from “Lions country”, and you gave me grief about being a Steelers fan!?!?

    Michigan?? Isn’t that just another way to spell “winter” anyways?

    All kidding aside… I wish you a belated Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂

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