Posted by: Hope | February 4, 2008

Superbowl XLII

This is my 100th post on this blog.Is this a great accomplishment of mine? Well, I suppose it depends how you look at it. You could look at me as if I am the biggest loser, or you could applause me for keeping it going. I definitely feel a bit of both. Thankfully though, to pat myself on the back, I am glad to look back and realize that my blogging sure has “matured” from post to post!!

But besides that? I was truly wanting to make my 100th a very special one. I have procrastinated posting the last few days because I wanted it to be special, and not something random. Needless to say, I got sick of procrastinating and here and now is my 100th post. And for todays topic? The XLII Super Bowl!!


The NY Giants vs. NE Patriots: 17-14 with a Giants victory. And what an absolute shocker! I was definitely rooting on the Pats, mostly because I wanted to see them go with a perfect season and be right up there with the 1972 Dolphins. But sadly, they just couldn’t pull out the win.The NY Giants d-line was unstoppable.


Their front 4 were destroying the Pats offensive line and leaving Tom Brady eating dirt (something he definitely is not used to). I definitely feel that the Giants defense won that game for them. Though I know a lot of you will argue that the final drive ran by the Giants offense won that game…but if that defense hadn’t done what they did…that game would have been a MUCH higher scoring game, and the Giants would have got destroyed by the Patriots. They gave Tom Brady NO time to do anything.So to conclude, hats of to the Giants…and a disappointing tear to the Patriots.

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  1. Hope,

    Good review of the game.

    Yea, the Giants “D”showed up once again. I watched the Dallas vs NY playoff game and had become convinced from the defense’s play then, that they we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.

    Being a Steelers fan, and still licking old wounds from past playoffs lost to the Patriots, I took delight in seeing the Patriots go down. 🙂

    Regardless, the game was one of the better Superbowls in the past 5 years, IMO.

    Grace and peace be with you.

    …and quit procrastinating;)

  2. Oh yes, it was definitely a good game. One of my recent favorites also. Though, I did enjoy last years Super Bowl…along with the Eagles vs. Seahawks.

    Steelers fan though? Come on! You’re losing my respect… 😉


  3. Oh, man!!! Ouch.

    Doubled over in pain (and laughter) after that jab.

    Must go find a band-aid to cover the wound. 🙂

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