Posted by: Hope | January 13, 2008

Broken nose, a black eye, a victory

Tonight was my brothers first cage fight and he won. He weighed in at 158 pounds, 6’0″. Honestly, he wasn’t prepared at all. He has had no previous fighting experience, besides wrestling in high school. He was on a diet for two months and lost around 20 pounds though. He continued to smoke, which actually really irritated us all. He did not work out or anything, I was really disappointed in his lack of preparation. I feel that he got really lucky that the person he fought against kinda sucked.

The guy he fought is a champion boxer, and Mark was an idiot and stood up with him practically the entire time. He not once shot to take him down to try and wrestle. His reasoning for this was that he was extremely nervous and afraid to get caught on the way down. Really, I think it’s a bad excuse and he never should have fought the way he had. If he had taken him down he would have easily avoided receiving a broken nose and a black eye.

Nonetheless, this was my first fight that I ever saw in person. It was a pretty good experience and I had a lot of fun. I’ll be sure to post some pictures (they suck, the lighting was shitty) as soon as I can. Also, my brothers girlfriend video taped it (not the entire thing, but enough) so I’ll try and put that up soon also!

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  1. Cage Fights?

  2. Yep, like MMA. Check out if you’re really curious.

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