Posted by: Hope | January 3, 2008

The Working Life

Well, you all may be wondering what has been going on in my life the past month. And I say to you “absolutely none of your business!”, but of course–you did ask politely so I will be kind and answer your question. And in short- kind of a lot. Memory fails me to what “exactly” was going on in my life, or who was even in my life when I stopped posting for a while. So I’ll start where I think we left off with my life…(geesh its only been a month).

I got a job–I know I have stated that already, but when I said that I don’t think I’d worked but one day. I now know practically everything there is to know about my job…yes, the ups AND downs. There are really a lot more downs than ups, but I think thats between me and my coworkers if I do say so myself. I find this job has somewhat made me feel like I have use to my life and I’m not a completely lazy piece of…well you know. And I love that about my job, however…I wouldn’t go as far as to say that this specific job is why I feel this way, any job probably could make me feel this way.

Would you like to hear some irony about this job? Well, at least to me it is. Before I got a job my mother was getting fairly irritable about me not having one, which indeed, is a reason (not the only, I really did want a job) that I got this job in the first place. And now that I have this job, all she does is whine and complain about me not doing things around the house, and if I don’t start–she’ll start making me walk to work (ah, yes..I have no car which is the MAIN reason why I wanted a job…I need a car dude!). Does this sound ironic to you, or is it just my frustration talking? I am thinking it’s a large bit of both, but I’ve a hard time telling.

Indeed, there has been much more to my life in the past month, but I won’t overwhelm you all at once. Please, leave some input and thoughts. I’d be truly interested!

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  1. just wandered to your site. blessings on the new job!

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