Posted by: Hope | December 9, 2007

Saying Bye-Send Me Entries!

Hey there my lovely and beautiful/handsome readers! I have some sad news that I just decided somewhere around 45 seconds ago or so. I’ve decided it is time I take a quick break from the blogging world. I haven’t been all that interesting as of late anyways, so I’m sure absolutely NONE of you will mind my lapse of leave.

Now all of you great folks that I was having little mini discussions with? I promise to start them back up as soon as I get back. But when I get back, I’m not sure…maybe a few weeks to a month (most likely).

Sadly, I realize that when I leave I will lose a lot of my readers and then I’m going to have to bust my butt to get them back, or get new readers. Which in fact, is a depressing thing. Why? Because I feed off of you guys, its become an extreme hype for me. And in my honest opinion, I feel that no man (or in my case woman) should become so hyped over the internet, let alone blogging. And in short, this is my main reason for leaving. I’ve also had a loss of what to write about and I’m sure my leave will bring me with lots of fresh and new ideas that I can share with you all!

And actually, out of simple curiosity sake I was curious if any of my lovely readers would be interested in contributing to my blog while I’m gone? Meaning, you would email me a piece you’ve prepared (or lack of prepared) to share with every Hope Lounge reader! I’ll be honest with you, I’m stealing this idea from a fellow blogger- Pistol Pete because I think it is truly genius for when the main blogger (i.e me) goes away for a short period of time.

So you may be wondering how this would work? Well it’s simple. You email me at you post and I will review it and post it in myself. What kind of posts am I looking for? Anything! I do not care. I’d like you to be mature about it, of course. Because if your not you’ll obviously be denied and you would have wasted 30 minutes of your life due to stupidity. But honestly, I’m open to anybody sending my anything on any subject. Could be from religion, to sports, to life. I suppose I should make a limit for the amount of words because I don’t feel like reading a book…so lets go with 1,200 words is the limit. So please, send me in your writings! I’d be honored to share them with my fellow readers!

So long…it’ll be about a month maybe less till I’m back!



  1. First, thank you for listing “Necessary Therapy” on your blogroll. We are honored and will do everything in our power to uphold your high ideals (but even if we don’t – please keep us on your blogroll).

    Next, as for a submission, consider it done. 1,200 words? Good Lord, isn’t that like the size of “War and Peace”. Mine will be less than 500.

    Thanks for the opportunity and God go with you.

  2. 1,200 is about the average post I write…usually…if I’m feeling wordy. So I didn’t want to make my readers feel restricted in any way. I almost went with just 1,000 but figured I’d throw in another 200.

    Thanks for the submission. Sorry for stealing your concept…I need a break from writing.

  3. I can always send you what i post on my MySpace Blog since it is virtually unknown.

  4. Glenn,
    You may send me anything. I’ll be willing to read and post it. Feel free. Just to

  5. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  6. What is there to agree on??

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